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This month we celebrate and honor Berkeley's Joss-hole as B.A.D. Girl of the Month! Joss skates for the Resistance in her spare time, by which we mean the time she's not spending totally co-owning our Events committee, which makes our bouts happen, and, you know, her day job.

Joss is a great asset to the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls, not just because of the committee work she does, but because of her great smile and wonderful sense of humor. She is tremendously hard-working, seems to be involved in everything, and totally in charge of whatever she does. Described as someone who is “feared on the track and a boss off the track,” her league mates also say she is “a reliable and dependable teammate, who knows how to balance hard work and dedication with laughs and fun,” “a go- getter who quietly, but effectively gets [stuff] done,” and “the prettiest Little Mermaid with her red hair.”

Congratulations, Joss, for being recognized as the B.A.D.-dest Girl this month!
Photo By: Mark Nockleby


This month's Bad Girl of the Month is Berkeley's own Jambee! #43 in your programs, #1 in your hearts, Jambee is most recognizable by her mass of curls spilling out from under her helmet, her bright, engaging smile, and the devastating hits she quietly dishes out on the track. But her teammates also know her as an agile, versatile athlete – she frequently turns cartwheels WHILE WEARING HER SKATES – and an amazingly positive person. “Jambee has a way of calming people down after a trip to the box or a particularly hard jam,” says one Resistance skater. “She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, even when she's blocking and dropping other skaters, which is frequent.”

One story I heard that sums up Jambee to those who know her well relates when she tried to teach a stranger how to ride a unicycle ('cause naturally, Jambee knows how to ride a unicycle….and juggle…). He held on to her head and she ran along side, holding him up. Because that's what you do.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bay Area Derby Girl of the Month, JAMBEE!

Photo By: DonnaLee