2012 BAD Awards

Every year Bay Area Derby Girls vote for our favorite players in various categories from the most formidable blocker to the lady who always shuts down the after party. Although every single member of the league is dedicated to being a great player and committed to making BAD an awesome league, these ladies stood out from the pack as the baddest of the BAD in 2012:

Rookie of the Year – Bricktator
Most Improved Skater – Steamed Bun Bun
Comeback of the Year – Ivy Profane
Best Offensive Blocker – Liza Machete
Best Defensive Blocker – belle RIGHT hooks
Jammer of the Year – Nock Nock
Coach of the Year – G$
League Trainer of the Year – Jane Hammer
Referee of the Year – Sexy Beast
NSO of the Year – Dream Queen
All-Stars MVP – The Mob
SF ShEvil Dead MVP – Slaybia Majora
Oakland Outlaws MVP – Murderyn Monroe
Richmond Wrecking Belles MVP – Little Miss Masochist
Berkeley Resistance MVP – Steely Jan

110%-er – Murderyn Monroe
Academy Award – Chantilly Mace
Razzy Award – La Chica Mala
Best “Tickets” – Dolly Deathrow Pardon
Most Formidable Booty – Murderyn Monroe
Commander in Chief – Sherlock Home Slice
Cutest Couple – Kid Ace and Huck Sinn
Craftiest Player – Edith Shred and Chiquita Bonanza (tie)
Biggest B.A.D.-bag – Dream Queen
B.A.D.-dest Dog – Cinnabun
Most Feared – Belle Right Hooks
Good Times Award – Aunti Christ
Hybrid Award – Brawllen Angel
Nerd on Skates – Razor Grrl
Sneakiest Player – Trixie Pixie
Most Strategic Mind – Slaybia Majora
Quick Study – Bricktator
Most Swagger – Shannon “Balls” Dorato
Most World Saved – Miss Moxxxie

Home Team
Lead jammer % – Chantilly Mace
Points scored per jam avg. – Chantilly Mace
+\- jammer – Chantilly Mace
+\- blocker – Slaybia Majora
Least penalties – Dorothy Dread
Most jams played – Slaybia Majora

All Star Team
Lead jammer % – Nock Nock
Points scored per jam avg. – Ivy Profane
+\- jammer – Nock Nock
+\- blocker – Kristi Yamagotcha
Least penalties – Slaybia Majora
Most jams played – Demanda Riot