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2019 BAD Travel Team Leadership Announced

Bay Area Derby is pleased to announce our newly selected 2019 Travel Team leadership!

After careful deliberation by a diverse selection panel comprised of travel team skaters, league leadership, and a professional coach from outside of the derby community, the following individuals have accepted their invitation to serve as the leaders of Bay Area Derby’s 2019 Travel Team: Brawllen Angel and Murderyn Monroe as coaches, and Stefanie Mainey serving as a team trainer.

When asked about her vision for forming and developing the 2019 Travel Team, Murderyn focused on skaters giving “perfect effort” because “[n]o one can be perfect all of the time, or execute perfectly during an entire game, but if you can deliver your perfect effort consistently, you are going to be a strong, accountable, reliable teammate”.

BA and Stef discussed the investment that Travel Team skaters will be asked to make in themselves and their teammates, thereby generating a positive and effective environment in which newer and veteran Travel Team members can grow.

BAD is thrilled to have these three qualified, enthusiastic individuals on board to lay a foundation for positive growth at BAD while maintaining our legacy as a highly competitive roller derby league. They will work to develop new talent and believe that a supportive, growth-oriented team and culture is paramount to the league’s overall success.

Bay Area Derby 2019 Home Games

Where: The Palace of the Fine Arts Venue
When: April 20, June 1, July 13 and August 24
Doors Open: 5:00 PM
First Whistle: 7:00 PM
General Admission: $20 (Kids 7 and under free)
VIP Admission: $30


#20ShineTeen is finally here for Bay Area Derby!  Our three home teams–Oakland Outlaws, San Francisco ShEvil Dead and Berkeley Resistance–are ready to throw down to see who will reign supreme over the Bay this year.  Purchase your VIP and Season Tickets early to secure the best trackside seating, bar access and value for your dollar!

Outside food and alcohol are not permitted but there will be food, beverages and alcohol available for purchase. Bars are cash only. There is an ATM on site.

General admission includes:

Bleachers, floor trackside seating (bring blankets, pillows, support cushions), and standing room areas. NO outside chairs allowed.

Accessible seating is also available.

VIP Admission Includes:

Limited VIP seating in prime viewing area (along the start straightaway and into turn 1), and dedicated line at the bar.

Entrance to the venue:

The doors to the event are on the inner portion of the building, near the famous rotunda.

Public Transportation
The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre has convenient access to public transportation. We are accessible by San Francisco Muni buses #30, #43, #28, and #29. Muni bus lines #22, #41, and #45 also stop in the vicinity. From Fisherman’s Wharf take the #30 Stockton bus. For more information, call Muni at (415) 673-6864 or check the SFMTA trip planner.

If you’re taking BART, get off at the Montgomery Street station, walk one half-block up Market Street to Third Street, and catch the #30 Stockton bus on the corner.

Virtually all downtown-bound Golden Gate Transit buses stop nearby the Theatre. Ask your driver for directions or call Golden Gate Transit Information at 511 (toll-free) or 415-455-2000 (outside the Bay Area).

Short Term Parking Permits:


You can also take the PresidiGo for free on weekends from Embarcadero BART to Letterman Digital Arts Center, only a half mile from the venue!


Check out our Ridevu page to connect with other fans and request rides, as well as share a taxi to the event!

BAD events at the Palace of the Fine Arts Venue are ADA accessible.

Questions? Please email

KABONG – BAD Skater Diaries

Thanks to Kabong for articulating the many reasons to join an officiating crew in roller derby! Bay Area Derby is hosting a clinic for all officials, skating and non-skating, on 2/23 and 2/24 from 1-6 PM. If you’ve wanted to join our crew or simply improve your own skills, visit… for more information! Thank you to Kabong and the numerous other officials of Bay Area Derby. We couldn’t do “the THING” without you!

MUSIC: ERF by Benjamin TISSOT (link: Road to San Francisco by Magnetize Music The Grind & The Seeker from Storyblocks audio

2019 Palentine Day Scrimmage

2/10/19 (Sunday)
2:30 – 5 PM (Doors open at 2 PM)
$10 to skate, $5 to spectate

Purchase Now

Hey Palentine! Come join us for the first of Bay Area Derby’s #20ShineTeen season’s themed B&W scrimmages! Deck yourself out in white or red shirts, craft some valentines, and compete with your pals to be the winning team!

This event will feature three leveled scrimmages (the first two for beginner and intermediate skaters will last 30 minutes and the final scrimmage for advanced skaters will last 45 minutes)!  

Skill Level:

BAD’s B&W Scrimmages are open to skaters of all genders, 18 years and older, who have passed the WFTDA minimum skills test and have scrimmage experience. Participants are encouraged to assess their own skill level. BAD recommends using the following guidelines:

Beginner: You have passed WFTDA minimum skills, may have skated in some scrimmages and/or games, still have a lot to learn on and off the track but are excited for new challenges.

Intermediate: You have passed WFTDA minimum skills, can confidently skate and scrimmage, may be on your league’s B-team but are looking to progress to the next level.

Advanced: You have passed WFTDA minimum skills, can skate confidently forwards and backwards and are on your league’s A-team.

Please note that all skaters will be asked to sign a waiver upon arrival.

Schedule for the event:

  • 2:00 – 2:25 Doors open for check-in
  • 2:25 – 2:30 Split beginner skaters into red vs white, warm up
  • 2:30 – 3:00 Beginner scrimmage (30 min scrimmage)
  • 3:00 – 3:10 Break (and warm up for intermediate skaters)
  • 3:10 – 3:15 Split intermediate skaters into red vs white, warm up
  • 3:15 – 3:45 Intermediate scrimmage (30 min scrimmage)
  • 3:45 – 3:55 Break (and warm up for advanced skaters)
  • 3:55 – 4:00 Split advanced skaters into red vs white, warm up
  • 4:05 – 4:50 Advanced scrimmage (45 min scrimmage)

What to Bring:

  • Both a red and a white t-shirt with your WFTDA-approved number on the back.
  • All gear including mouthguard. All skaters will be gear checked before they skate.
  • Numbered arm bands or a sharpie
  • Water bottle

NorCal Derby Fire Relief

In only four days, the Butte County Camp Fire surpassed all other Golden State fires to become the most destructive fire in California history, burning 125,000 acres, obliterating 6,453 homes, taking 48 lives, and over 200 people still missing.

Here in the Bay, we’re only dealing with smoke. But many of our close California families, roller derby friends NOR CAL ROLLER GIRLS​, and neighbors have been devastated by wildfires to the north and south. If you can help by donating even a little bit, we can help to relieve some of the pain and loss.

Thanks for your support! Links and different ways to help below.

NorCal Derby GoFundMe:

Other ways to help:
Red Cross: Monetary donations can be made to the American Red Cross by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund: Supports victims by helping to rebuild homes and providing financial assistance to those who need medical and mental treatment.

Donate housing through AirBnb:

Friends and Family from BAD:

Our Champion Officials

Our officials are so amazing that two of them were invited to officiate at the WFTDA International Champs this year in New Orleans! Congratulations to Danger Muffin and Bruise Almighty. Thank for your unflagging commitment to improving your officiating skills and for enabling us to safely play the sport we love! We couldn’t roll without you, and neither could the teams playing in Champs this weekend! #WFTDAChamps #GoTeamZebra #NSONovember

Additionally, our very own Kate Silver has journeyed to New Orleans to help PRODUCE for the amazing feed! Kate is an awesome announcer and all-around knowledge source for WFTDA and roby doby!  Thanks for representing us in NOLA, Kate! #KateIsGr8

BAD to Good to Great: A WFTDA Clinic

Join WFTDA Officiating Instructors Nora Leif (of Windy City Rollers) and Marriedjuana (of Sacramento Roller Derby) for a two-day officiating clinic held in Oakland, CA at Bay Area Derby’s practice space. Nora Leif is a Level 4 NSO and represents all of officiating to the WFTDA Rules Committee. Marriedjuana is a Level 2 SO, a language lead for the WFTDA, translating WFTDA documents into Spanish, WFTDA Clinic Instructor (5 years), and Former Head Referee of Sacramento Roller Derby.

Unlike many WFTDA clinics, this clinic is geared at mid-career officials, with plenty of experience, who are looking to make the “next step” from Good to Great. We expect all officials (including newer, early-career officials and perhaps even some advanced officials) to benefit. Specific skill sets include:

• Focus: Are you focusing too narrowly or too broadly? What needs your attention RIGHT NOW?
• Distractions: How to keep your mind from straying?
• Complex rules scenarios: How to handle them effectively at a moment’s notice, including star passes, jammer swaps, and more.
• Communication: How to talk to other officials, skaters, and coaches.
• Presence on the track: What do “Calm” and “Professional” really look like?
• Self-Assessment: Tracking and managing your own growth when you’re the most advanced official around
• Helping others grow: Are you the local mentor, and not sure how you got there? Tips for coaching other officials, including how to give and receive feedback
• Pursuing Certification: What the whole path looks like, and do you even want to?
• Footage Review: How to watch a game and find the things that matter

This clinic runs from 10am-2pm on Saturday, July 21, and then picks up again from 10am-5pm on Sunday, July 22. Snacks are provided, plus a lunch is provided on Sunday. Bay Area Derby has a public game on July 21; officials may sign up to work the event here: (form), or tickets may be purchased separately. Footage from this game may be reviewed on Sunday as part of the clinic. The cost to attend some or all of the clinic is $75. Register today!

Be BAD. Then get good. Now get better.

Gio’s Pizza & Bocce Fundraising Night

Can’t wait until July 21st to see your favorite derby skaters again?  On Sunday June 10th, Bay Area Derby skaters will be hanging out at Gio’s Pizza & Bocce in Berkeley, playing Bocce and fundraising with pizza orders!  Gio’s is helping BAD by donating 10% of To-Go and Dine-In orders (no delivery) between 5 and 10 PM! Help us earn some cash by eating some excellent pizza!

Additional Information
Time: 5-10 PM on June 10, 2018
Location: Gio’s Pizza & Bocce 2420 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, California 94704
Cost to attend: Free!  But order some pizza, salad or drinks while you play Bocce ball with us!

20SkateTeen BOUT 1 recap: San Francisco ShEvil Dead v. Berkeley Resistance

BAD’s opening home bout of the #20SkateTeen season pitted the Berkeley Resistance against the San Francisco ShEvil Dead in a hard-hitting test of endurance and stability, resulting in victory for the zombies, 172-99.

BAD’s teams took the track at San Francisco’s historic Palace of the Fine Arts under the gaze of two ominous angel statues and a triumphant crowd of about 700 fans.  The starting jammers–Eva Menace for the Resistance and Danymite for the ShEvil Dead–crashed into the pack of skaters, with Dani taking a quick lead and forcing Eva to pass the star to her pivot, Raven Evergore, while Dani continued on to score five points and call off the jam.

The first half of play saw the teams trading low-scoring passes and calling off the jam.  It seemed as though both teams were working more towards stability on the slick track than on elaborate strategy. Both teams used up their official reviews in the first half of play, requesting the officials to call cut track penalties on the opposing team’s jammers.  The officials stood by their decision in both cases, and both teams lost their official reviews.

At halftime, ShEvil led the Resistance with a score of 89-45.

The Resistance came back swinging, however, taking on a two-wall of ShEvil blockers and scoring a quick five points.  The next jam, too, saw Berkeley’s Smother Mary break through a full contingent of zombie blockers, leading to yet another star pass from ShEvil’s Sterling Archer to pivot Stefanie Mainey.  

Berkeley’s momentum was not to last, even as the Resistance and ShEvil both solidified their defensive strategies in the second half of the game.  With just over ten minutes left on the clock, Berkeley completed a star pass right off the line to Raven Evergore. But ShEvil’s jammer, Tifa Knoxhard, followed closely behind out of the pack and into her scoring pass.  After two passes the ShEvil blockers were able to clear the penalty box and, with Stefanie Mainey bracing a wall of three, shut down Raven Evergore and allow Tifa Knoxhard the time to break through the Resistance tripod, all while running down the game clock.

From then on, the half saw multiple scoreless jams, including one with only 8 minutes left on the clock, where the tripod walls for both teams held the jammers for a full two minutes–a testament to both teams’ strength and communication.

At the end of the night, the ShEvil Dead emerged victorious, with a score of 172-99.  The Resistance have another chance to prove themselves in their upcoming fight for the East Bay against the Oakland Outlaws on April 7th, again at the Palace of the Fine Arts.  Which team will own the Bay?

Photography by Will Toft.


San Francisco ShEvil Dead: 172
Berkeley Resistance: 99

Featured image by Mark Nockleby.