BAD Photographers

2017 Bay Area Derby photographed by Adina Butler
Adina Butler, IGP Photo

Adina has volunteered her talents and services to Bay Area Derby for the past eight years both on the road and at home using a variety of analog and digital techniques, often traveling across the country to capture every precious moment and intense hit. In addition to covering BAD as one of their primary photographers, Adina has captured close to 90 different teams from across the globe in over 100 games and international tournaments and her work has been featured on the covers of 5on5 and Blood and Thunder magazine.

2017-02-11 – Bay Area Derby Scrimmage. Photo by David Discher
David P. Discher

David is a hobbyist photographer based in the Peninsula, and publishes his derby photography with the Creative Commons License, allowing anyone to share, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.

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BAD United Gold vs Black photographed by Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn


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BAD United Gold vs Black photographed by Donalee Fong Eiri
Donalee Fong Eiri – Photography by D.E.Sign

My Goal: To capture a moment in time, record it and share it with your friends, your family, your children, your grandchildren and of course, with you.

If you are interested in having me take photos of your league at a derby bout or shoot your league photos please e-mail me.

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2014 Season Opener photographed by Bryan T Farley
Bryan Farley

Bryan Thomas Farley (a.k.a. P Giddy) is a visual art educator and advocate. He is also an advocate for visual arts education.

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Berkeley vs Oakland photographed by Juan Montalvo
Juan Montalvo

Juan Montalvo moonlights as a photographer in the San Francisco East Bay. He tends to shoot friends  family and share a lot of his day to day stuff on Instagram under the name @juanlight.

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2016 Berkeley vs Oakland photographed by Mark Nockleby
Mark Nockleby

Nocklebeast has has been taking derby photos since 2008. He also takes photos of shopping carts and quirky out-of-focus landscapes.

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2015 Oakland Team Photo by Lucas Saugen
Lucas saugen

Lucas Saugen is a commercial advertising photographer specializing in product and product lifestyle photography.

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2015 San Francisco ShEvil Dead vs Richmond by Aaron Sesker
Aaron Sesker


Palentines Scrimmage 2018 photographed by Will Toft

Will is a Bay Area photographer who specializes in making people look great doing the things they love to do. He can usually be found behind a camera or a cup of coffee.

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Oakland VS SheVil 2018 by Philip Pavliger
Philip Pavlinger

Philip Pavliger is a photographer in the Bay Area shooting all things that are awesome….like Derby.

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Want to photograph a BAD bout? Send an email to to learn how.