2019 Oakland Outlaws Team Photo by Jordan and Charley Jurich-Weston.

#9 Blood Sweat and Ears
#88 Bent Burns
#023 Eris Jordan
#42 Esteemed Bun Bun
#369 Foxosaurus Wrecks
#805 Greer Factor
#6 Hard Seltzer
666 Grim Reeba
#1929 Hieronymus Bash
#16 Luna Shovegood
#89 Maeve of Mutilation
#483 Ripley Effect
#8 Rolling Thunder
#52 Shortstacked
#14 Slaylor Swift
#13 Smother Mary
#29 Spiller

Team Story

You know those kids who used to cut class every day? Who practically lived in detention? Who smoked behind the bleachers and talked smack to anybody? Back in the day, those kids would tell you their credo: Nothing matters. Break rules. Live fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse.

Guess what? Those kids grew up. But they never did figure out how to fit in. They couldn’t shake that outlaw attitude. So they strapped on skates, knee pads, and helmets, and they channeled their anger into big hits on the track. Now ask any one of these Outlaws for their credo, and they’ll tell you: Skate fast, hit hard, and win a good-looking trophy.


Oakland Outlaws Alumni