Group Photo by Bryan Farley

Bit Shift
Bruise Almighty
Danger Muffin
Doctor Boppoloffogos
Ewen Jected
Jacques Strappe
Judge Dredfull
Kiss My Axe
Sexy Beast
Strong Female Character
Throbbing Whistle
Trixie Pixie

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Long ago the Bay Area was a desolate frontier. The Dead aimlessly roamed the streets, the Wrecking Belles destroyed all they saw before them, and the Outlaws and the Resistance proclaimed anarchy throughout the land. Weary of the ceaseless torment and clamoring for law and order, the citizens by the Bay sought out a fierce group of whistle-blowing, pencil-toting nerds known for maintaining calm in the midst of chaos. With their big brains, amazing skating skills, and tidy handwriting, these nerds were The Army of Rules and Order. Swiftly, the Outlaws were wrangled, the Dead were buried, the Resistance was quelled, and Belles were taught some BADly needed manners.

Once order was restored and these BAD skaters put in their place, the citizens declared this nerd-herd their saviors and placed the roller skating horrors in their care. Instead of keeping these ladies of terror permanently contained, however, this Army of Rules and Order – now transformed into the BADdest Officials ever seen – took them to the rink and molded their energy and fury into the power and beauty of Flat Track Roller Derby. These four teams have been fighting for league domination ever since, serving penance when necessary in the penalty box and protected by their fearless officials in stripes and all-black.

I Want To Be A BAD Official!!

So, you love roller derby and you want to help out, but don’t think the hard-hitting action on the track is for you? Why not volunteer to be a ref or an NSO (Non-skating Official)? Email us at

Choose Your Own Adventure: Referee or NSO

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Referees are our skating officials, experts on the WFTDA Rules and empowered to call penalties to help keep the game on the up-and-up. Our refs sometimes travel with our All-Stars when they skate against other leagues – including WFTDA Playoffs and Championships – and frequently work with officials from other leagues to maintain the highest quality of game play wherever they go.

NSOs are Non-skating Officials, and you can find them on the track without skates (hence the name), and not wearing zebra-striped shirts. This corps of officials, also deeply rooted in the WFTDA Rules and usually blessed with an extraordinary attention to detail, keeps order during the games by keeping score, tracking stats, timing penalties, and keeping the game clock correct. Our NSOs also sometimes travel with the All-Stars, frequently get staffed for WFTDA Playoffs and Championships, and regularly work tournaments around the West.

Our officials are an integral part of the league – we can’t have a bout without them! (Really! It says so in the rules.) What better way to get into the bouts for free, NOT end up as bruised and sore as the players (usually), and make 100+ instant friends in the area?


Big League Chew – BuzzKillr – Jonathan Lee – micro machine – Mae K. Haste – Pru – Vagenius – Honey Badger – Heads Will Roll – Kate Crusader – London Derriere – Rex Blocker – Shellcat – Lady Ringher Bellum