2012 WFTDA West Region Playoffs

On Sunday September 23, the Bay Area Derby All-Starts boxed out the competition and punched their tickets to 2012 WFTDA Championships, which will be held in Atlanta, GA November 1-4. By placing 3rd, with two wins and just one loss, in this past weekend’s Western Regional tournament the All-Stars fought hard and long to show the nation that they can stand up to some of the sports hardest hitters. This is the third time the Bay Area Derby girls have qualified for the national tournament, previously in 2008, 2010.

Final Scores:
WFTDAtv Flat Track Stats BAD All-Stars vs Rat City: 229-177
WFTDAtv Flat Track Stats BAD All-Stars vs Denver: 169-187
WFTDAtv FTS Stats BAD All-Stars vs Rose: 135-123