2013 BAD Awards

Every year Bay Area Derby Girls vote for our favorite players in various categories from the most formidable blocker to the skater who always shuts down the after party. Although every single member of the league is dedicated to being a great player and committed to making BAD an awesome league, these people stood out from the pack as the baddest of the BAD in 2013:

Rookie of the year Thrasha Nova
Most Improved Sherlock HomeSlice, Jambee, Thrasha Nova
Comeback of the year Chantilly Mace
Best Offensive Blocker Amanda Jamitinya
Best Defensive Blocker Hazel Raw
Jammer of the Year Bricktator
Coach of the year Murderyn Monroe, Shannon Dorato
League Trainer of the Year Gretchen Vomette, Brawllen Angel
Referee of the Year Kiss My Axe
NSO of the Year Micro Machine
Richmond MVP Razor Girl
Oakland MVP Shannon Dorato
Berkeley MVP Kristi Yamagotcha
ShEvil MVP Sugar Pusher, Slaybia Majora
All Stars MVP The Mob

The Academy Award Chantilly Mace
The Razzy Award La Chica Mala
Most Strategic Mind Shannon Dorato
Most Swagger Shannon Dorato
The Hybrid Award Mae K. Haste
The Good Times Award Hazel Raw
Nerd on Skates Kristi Yamagotcha
BADbags of the Year Abominatrix’s folks
Quick Study Silver Foxxy, Thrasha Nova
Commander in Chief Sherlock HomeSlice
Craftiest Player Chiquita Bonanza
Most World Saved Baron Von Punchausen
110%-er Esteamed Bun Bun
Most Feared Amanda Jamitinya
Best Tickets Shannon Dorato
Most Formidable Booty Murderyn Monroe
Sneakiest Player Trixie Pixie
Cutest Couple Mae and Machine
BADdest Dog Luci (Mean Burrito)

Above and Beyond The Call of Derby

Lucio M.
Jane Hammer
Esteamed Bun Bun
Sparkle Boxx
La Chica Mala
Danger Muffin
Dream Queen
Danny M.
Mars Attack
Mr. Bun Bun
Mae K. Haste
Jonathan Lee
Diva Negativa
Rex Blocker
Mindiannapolis 500
Trixie Pixie
Slaybia Majora
Dorothy Dread
Cass Warfare
Mr. Dextrous
Sarah Pilcher
Coach G$
Velveteen Savage
Liza Machete
Adam Collider
Micro Machine
Michelle Pruett
Southbay Fan
Postal Servix
Sexy Beast
Kiss My Axe
Eva Menace
DJ Neil
Superfan Sam
SF Sam’s Wifey
Rick Marr
Levar Hurtin
Donalee Eiri
Mike Ko
Michael Dunn
Tony Rotundo
Bryan Farley