#29 Dual Hitizen

Time to give October's BGOTM recognition . . .

Dual’s sense of humor and lighthearted attitude is appreciated by her league mates and volunteers alike. Her dedication to B.A.D. is evident in all that she does for the league. She’s a fantastic teammate who encourages everyone around her to enjoy life and reminds us all that roller derby is meant to be fun. She’s no stranger to hard work; off the track, this half French, half American, often steps up to help with activities outside of the Events committee and always with the best attitude and a positive perspective.

Photo credit: Photography by D.E.sign

Name: Dual Hitizen

Number: 29

Team: Oakland Outlaws, All-Stars

B.A.D. League Involvement: Events Co-Manager

What’s the story behind your derby name?

I am a dual citizen – both French and American. After much thought and brainstorming, Grizzly Addam from Pioneer Valley Roller Derby in Western Mass., came up with Dual Hitizenship. I loved it but shortened it to Dual Hitizen in order to keep some sanity while sharpie-ing my name onto the back of a shirt.

How long have you been playing roller derby?

Since September 2010. 5 years now. Time rolls by when you’re having fun!

How long have you been with B.A.D.? What brought you to B.A.D.?

I moved to the Bay Area from D.C. for work in July of 2014 and started skating with B.A.D. that very month.
What’s your skate set-up?

White plate and purple wheels.

Just kidding (kind of). I believe I have Riedell boots (it has a number in the name. . . pretty sure there’s a 5 involved). I really love my boots! They feel like slippers. Plate-wise, I’m using Avengers. Then the wheels are Omegas. They absolutely have a specific hardness to them.

What is your favorite non-derby sport or cross-training activity?

I love judo! It’s great for balance and upper body strength.

I also love handball and badminton. Unfortunately, handball is pretty far away and all the available badminton places seem to only cater to 12 year old Asian boy demographic. I probably can’t compete with 12 year old Asian boys . . .

Share your favorite derby memory/moment from 2015.

Matching Smarty Pants’ footwork while I was blocking her when B.A.D. All-Stars played the Texecutioners earlier this year!

Share one of your favorite motivational quotes with us.

“Live fast, Have Fun, Be a bit Mischievous.”

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