#86 Gretchen Vomette

We're currently catching up on a backlog of BAD Girl of the Month articles that are overdue! From April 2015 . . .

She is instrumental in keeping BAD running behind the scenes by volunteering to run league practices as well as B&W scrimmages. With her positive attitude and great listening skills, Gretchen helped bring home the Berkeley Resistance's first league championship in 2015. Read more about what keeps this Libra’s seven-year derby career ticking below.

Photo credit: Mark Nockleby

Name: Gretchen Vomette

Number: 86

Team: Berkeley Resistance, All-Stars

B.A.D. League Involvement: Berkeley Resistance Coach

What’s the story behind your derby name?

I’m a puker . . .as a child, like every other day, as an adult much less so. I also wanted a name that wasn’t big and intimidating to live up to.

How long have you been playing roller derby?

Nearly 7 years!

How long have you been with B.A.D.? What brought you to B.A.D.?

5 seasons completed. A change of pace, a change of coasts and the desire to play for THE best team and league in a perfectly temperate and liberal environment!

What’s your skate set-up?

Antiks (fuchsia suede with gold and black trim) on Arius plates

What is your favorite non-derby sport or cross-training activity?

I’m subbing on a rec softball team now with a teammate but I love a good dog-jog.

Share your favorite derby memory/moment from 2015.

Winning Champers!!! Experiencing Berkeley come together in our best and most hard fought bout this past October. The cumulative team power, knowledge and prep we flaunted that night was beautiful to be a part of.

Share one of your favorite motivational quotes with us.

“Ninety percent of this game is half mental.”  Yogi Berra

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