2019 Berkeley Resistance Team Photo by Will Toft.

Asstro #11
Baby Face Hellson #17
Beaver Mansbridge #422
Bruja Rhea #13
Fahrenheit #451
Harmagedon #11
Hell or High #971
HoS #718
Hot Rotten Bologna #707
Kate Silver #538
Missy Misdemeanor #4815
Psi #317
Red Card #27
Slam Chowder #33
ByeeeeeYonic #69
Deadeye Knight – Bench Staff

Team Story

Like broken teeth, a jagged skyline looms in the west. The bridges joining the Cities, once so celebrated, have crumbled into the sea. The air is murky with the smog of industry, heavy with the labor of the masses. Homogeny is compulsory; color has seeped from the land. A new regime has emerged from the ashes of democracy—a ruling class of corporate outlaws and millionaire zombies, pushing the proletariat down further and further.

But a new order, a dream for the future, too, has begun to gain momentum. Still underground, the Berkeley Resistance strategizes, trains, hones its skills, bides its time. On and off the track, they prepare. Rooted in a long and oft-forgotten history of opposition, the Resistance has a plan: to take back what is rightfully theirs and rise up against the fascist state.

With wheels to the ground, word spreads. A coalition forms and the Resistance grows. Soon, thousands have secretly joined the cause.

A system that seeks to alienate brings them together—kind, strong, smart, righteous, hardworking people who will fight for themselves and each other. They are not afraid to be rabble rousers or provocateurs. They are revolutionaries. 

Out among the ocean of grey, there are allies in the crowd. A single teal rose peeks up from shirt pockets, appears pinned to baseball caps or tucked behind the ears of dozens of passersby as they go about their day, walking down Shattuck, sipping coffee on Telegraph or dipping into the BART station at Ashby.

The rebellion is everywhere.

Together, they stand on the right side of history. Together, they face their foes. Together, they resist those who seek to defeat them. Together, they achieve greatness. Together, they are victorious.

Berkeley Resistance Alumni