Are you B.A.D? 2011 Try Outs are on August 27

B.ay A.rea D.erby Girl’s Tryouts are on August 27

So at this point you are probably wondering how you can prepare for them. Tryouts are open to the public and no formal training is required, but skaters who are prepared for tryouts have a much better shot at passing. We offer two ways to do this:

1. Reckless Rollers:
Reckless Rollers (RR) — The cheapest way to train for tryouts is to start skating right away with the recreation group that is hosted by BADG.

  • If you know you’re going to miss 3 or more of the Pre-Tryout Bootcamp lessons, Reckless Rollers is probably best for you.
  • If you don’t have $300 to spend, Reckless Rollers is best for you.

2. Pre-Tryout Bootcamp
The second way to prepare is to sign up for the Pre-Tryout Bootcamp ($300)

These lessons are only ran once a year. It consists of 10 two-hour lessons, designed to teach you minimum skills, in a much shorter, concentrated, competitive environment. Lesson plans are carefully laid out and timed. Absolutely no tardiness, dropping out of drills or messing around is allowed. Participants are encouraged to be decently competent skaters and already used to pushing themselves physically. The class schedule is fixed and will happen on the following dates/times – in addition to the lessons; skaters may come to the designated Reckless Roller sessions to practice what they have learned.

If you were to participate in the Reckless Rollers program for 3-6 months, you’d be at more or less the same level as a skater completing the boot camp in 20 hours of instruction. This is the quickest way to get B.A.D.-Ready!

This class will have limited enrollment (40) and participants must come to the registration event that will be held on Sunday, July 10 from 4pm-7pm. Registration is first come, first serve basis.

Date Day Time
7/12/11 Tuesday 700-9PM Lesson 1
7/16/11 Saturday 1100 – 1PM Lesson 2
7/16/11 Saturday 130 – 3PM RR
7/17/11 Sunday 730-9PM RR
7/19/11 Tuesday 700-9PM Lesson 3
7/23/11 Saturday 1100 – 1PM Lesson 4
7/23/11 Saturday 130 – 3PM RR
7/24/11 Sunday 730-9PM RR
7/26/11 Tuesday 700-9PM Lesson 5
8/2/11 Tuesday 700-9PM Lesson 6
8/6/11 Saturday 1100 – 1PM Lesson 7
8/6/11 Saturday 130 – 3PM RR
8/7/11 Sunday 730-9PM RR
8/9/11 Tuesday 700-9PM Lesson 8
8/16/11 Tuesday 700-9PM Lesson 9
8/20/11 Saturday 1100 – 1PM Lesson 10
8/20/11 Sunday 130 – 3PM RR
8/21/11 Sunday 730-9PM RR