B.A.D. at Bridgetown Brawl (Western Regionals)

Watch our amazing Golden Girls battle it out for the honor of being named the best in the west and to compete for a spot in the WFTDA Championship tournament later this year. The Bridgetown Brawl WFTDA Western Regional tournament is hosted by the Rose City Rollers in Portland, OR, September 23-25.

This 3 day event is definitely a trip you want to take up the coast.  You will have the opportunity to witness first hand some of the best teams in flat-track derby and you will get to watch B.A.D. bout against our long time rival, Rose City.  You can buy tickets online in advance.

If you can’t make it to Portland you can watch the bouts live on WFTDA.com.

Whether you watch in Portland or at home, don’t forget to wear black and gold and cheer for your favorite team… BAAAAAY AAAARRRREEEEAAAAA!!