B.A.D. Girls’ Prom & Awards 2011

Enchantment Under The Sea

A big, huge thank you to the awesome staff at Thee Parkside for hosting our annual Prom and being so spectacularly accomodating to us. There’s a reason Parkside is our favorite bar in the city. Thank you to Suite Treatments for the lighting and to our hard-working Events Committee for putting this beauty together. And thank you to our league members, volunteers, and FANS for one heck of a gosh darned great season! See you in 2012!

Now on to the Awards!

League Vote Medal Award Winners:

  • Best Attendance: Little Miss Masochist
  • Most Improved Skater: Steamed Bun Bun
  • Rookie of the Year: Murderyn Monroe
  • Jammer’s Best Friend (Best Offensive Blocker): Aunti Christ
  • Jammer’s Worst Nightmare (Best Defensive Blocker): Boo Ya Ya
  • Jammer of the Year: Ivy Profane
  • Coach/Trainer of the Year: Velveteen Savage
  • Zebra of the Year: Sexy Beast
  • Berkeley Resistance MVP: Friskie Meow
  • Oakland Outlaws MVP: Ivy Profane
  • Richmond Wrecking Belles MVP: Astronaughty
  • SF ShEvil Dead MVP: Slaybia Majora
  • B.A.D. All-Stars MVP: The Mob (G$ accepts)

Home Team Stats Award Winners:

  • Greatest % Lead Jammer: Ivy Profane (63%)
  • Greatest Avg. Points Scored Per Jam: Home Leslie (5.1 pts/jam)
  • Best +/- as a Jammer: Home Leslie (+ 4.2/jam)
  • Best +/- as a Blocker: Brawllen Angel (+1.9 Team Avg, + 40 per game)
  • Least Penalties: Lusty Malice (7 in 77 jams)
  • Most Jams Played: Lusty Malice (77 jams)

All-Stars Stats Award Winners:

  • Greatest % Lead Jammer: Nock Nock (71%)
  • Greatest Avg. Points Scored Per Jam: Chantilly Mace (4.04 pts/jam)
  • Best +/- as a Jammer: Ivy Profane (+2.16/jam)
  • Best +/- as a Blocker: Slaybia Majora (+1.32 Team Avg, +27 per game)
  • Least Penalties: Belle Right Hooks (14 in 202 jams)
  • Most Jams Played: Demanda Riot (330 jams)

Golden Boy / Golden Girl

  • Sexy Beast
  • Tae Kwon Ho
  • Mindiannapolis 500
  • Slaybia Majora
  • Mister Moxxxie
  • La Chica Mala
  • Jane Hammer
  • Jada White (Dream Queen)
  • Steamed Bun Bun
  • OneZ
  • Danger Muffin
  • Vagenious
  • Razor Grrl
  • DMolly Schur
  • Stiffany
  • Messy Jessy
  • Maura Gressive
  • Enstephalitis
  • Dorothy Dread
  • T Wrecks
  • Bonnie Doom
  • Trixie Pixie
  • Southbay Fan
  • Diva Negativa
  • LeVar Hurtin’

“Fun” Awards

  • Best “Tickets”: Tae Kwon Ho
  • Most Formidable Booty: Belle Right Hooks
  • Most Feared: Boo Ya Ya
  • Cleanest Player: Ivy Profane & The Dakota Kid
  • Smartest Player: Slaybia Majora
  • Most World Saved: Tae Kwon Ho
  • We’re Nice!: Trixie Pixie
  • Biggest B.A.D.-bag: Tae Kwon Ho
  • Most Team Spirit: Moxxxie
  • Coolest Player: Nock Nock
  • Sneak Attacker!: Brawllen Angel
  • Lavern & Shirley Award: Velveteen Savage / Friskie Meow & Belle Right Hooks / Aunti Christ