Bout Preview by Rex Blocker: April 26 Double Header

Hello, derby fans! Rex Blocker here again, with a look ahead to this weekend’s fabulous doubleheader at the amazing Armory in San Francisco! That’s right, SF, we’re coming to YOU this time!!

The weekend’s action pits the Oakland Outlaws (0-1) against the Berkeley Resistance (1-0) at 6pm, with the nightcap featuring the hometown San Francisco ShEvil Dead (0-1) skating against the Richmond Wrecking Belles (1-0).

In the opener, Oakland will be looking to reverse course after a surprising-to-many loss by three points to the Richmond Wrecking Belles, a loss that ended their four-game intraleague win streak. That close loss didn’t shake the team as much as it may have done some of their fans, however. Coach Dorato says they kept their cool, even when the last jam saw Dorato herself as a surprise jammer, following a teammate’s skate malfunction. They kept to their game plan throughout the bout, and are looking forward to taking on the Resistance. Since the last bout, they’ve lost #33 Killer Vee to Texas, and #320 Sheer Luxe to an injury (she’ll be coaching on the bench), but are looking forward to the Outlaw debuts of #40 Val Hella and #64 Mary Prankster.

The Berkeley Resistance, meanwhile, are really proud to be coming off a win over a tough, determined ShEvil Dead team, and look to continue their forward momentum after ending a four-game intraleague losing streak. Seamlessly integrating a few new faces into the lineup, Berkeley played a strong defensive game, and solidified their jammer rotation of #19 Steely Jan, #888 Brawllen Angel, #1PAR La Chica Mala, and #14 Roofio. Against the Outlaws, they hope to continue that lock-down defense and let their jammers do what they do best. To the mix, they’re adding co-captain #6 Kristi Yamagotcha, returning from injury, and Ithaca transfer #6E23 Mad ScienceFist.

7 Murderyn Monroe // 8 Fatal Dreidel // 9 Cat Scrap Fever // 10 Huck Sinn // 13 Pain Galaura // 40 Val Hella // 42 Esteemed Bun Bun // 51 Cass Warfare // 64 Mary Prankster // 105 Strawberry Killz // 505 Dorato // 777 Jane Hammer // 8380 Hazel-Raw // 4X8 Bricktator

Alternates: 63 Imelda Snarkos, 5678 Bully Elliott
Coaches: Thrasher, Sheer Luxe

4 Joss-hole // 6 Kristi Yamagotcha (Alternate) // 11 Bianka Trohl // 14 Roofio // 19 Steely Jan // 43 Jambee // 45 Dolly Rocket (Captain) // 50 Taxi Scab // 76 Jet-I Force // 405 Dirty Lil Trick // 888 Brawllen Angel // 1PAR La Chica Mala // 6E23 Mad ScienceFist //86U Gretchen Vomette

Alternates: 73 Frida Loca, 1950 Stoodie Baker
Coach: Nate

The second bout of the night will feature the San Francisco ShEvil Dead, looking for their first win of the season, against the Richmond Wrecking Belles, who might just be back to form after last season’s rebuilding/recovery year.

San Francisco comes into this weekend following a loss to Berkeley in March. The game was very close in the first half, before Berkeley’s defense and ShEvil’s less-experienced jammer corps allowed the Resistance to pull away. San Francisco weren’t disappointed, though. The young team stayed “extremely positive,” in the words of coach Moxxxie, and their game plan was solid throughout. For this weekend, they’re going to be missing veteran jammer Trixie Pixie, recovering from injury, so some other veterans will be filling the void on the jammer line. This bout will also feature new zombie faces #28 Masted Mauler and #212 Xpress Lane Jane.

Richmond looked impressive last month in edging out Oakland, giving the league a good look at the newly-reconstituted Belles, though the win did not come easily; a surprise substitution left the Belles scrambling to sort out their lines to match what the Outlaws were doing on the track. Though they pulled it off, Coaches Razor Girl and Kutya Cackoff are hoping Bout Day morning is a little more routine than last time. They will be missing All-Star blocker Amanda Jamitinya, however, off coaching in the UK. Instead, making their home-bout debuts will be returning skaters #11 Angel Maker and #9MM Nina Beretta, coming back to the league after some time off.

0 Slaybia Majora (Captain) // 3 Nurse Lithium // 17 Korn Holy-O // 28 Masted Mauler //47 Kimfectious // 52 Kid Ace // 89 Mean Burrito // 127 Dorothy Dread // 212 Xpress Lane Jane // 300 HummVee // 318 Mae K. Haste // 616 Silver Foxxy // 713 Sherlock Home Slice// D1E Thea Venger

Coach: Miss Moxxxie (Alternate)

000 Demanda Riot // 1 Liza Machete (Captain) // 5 Skrappie // 10 Thin Lizzy // 11 Angel Maker // 22 Little Miss Masochist // 26 Chantilly Mace // 36 Skatelyn // 238 Baron von Punchausen // 381 Razor Grrl // 2020 Eva Menace // FU2 Kutya Cackoff // T2 TWrecks //9MM Nina Beretta

Alternates: 925 Sterling ArcHer, 2001 Stace Odyssey
Coach: Diva Negativa

These two amazing games will be played THIS Saturday, April 26th, at The Historic Mission Armory, 333 14th St in San Francisco. Doors at 4:30pm, first whistle at 6. See you there!