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KABONG – BAD Skater Diaries

Thanks to Kabong for articulating the many reasons to join an officiating crew in roller derby! Bay Area Derby is hosting a clinic for all officials, skating and non-skating, on 2/23 and 2/24 from 1-6 PM. If you’ve wanted to join our crew or simply improve your own skills, visit… for more information! Thank you to Kabong and the numerous other officials of Bay Area Derby. We couldn’t do “the THING” without you!

MUSIC: ERF by Benjamin TISSOT (link: Road to San Francisco by Magnetize Music The Grind & The Seeker from Storyblocks audio

BAD Skater Diaries: Hines

Who makes BAD run? SPOILER: all the skaters volunteers. Hines is one of our best slashies!

Music: Borrtex “Thank You For This World” (link:…) Ben Sound “Going Higher” (link: Scott Holmes “Indie Rock” (link:…)