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The Mercury News: Roller derby at a crossroads: Bye-bye fishnets, hello ESPN

BY AYLIN Y. WOODWARD || March 17, 2017

The high level of play doesn’t come without hard work and a serious time commitment. “The women that I skate with are leaving their families and partners to come to practice three or four nights a week after 8-, 10- and 12-hour days,” said Kensington resident Katie Reyes-Salcedo, 31, known as Bay Area Derby’s “Murderyn Monroe.”

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Richmond Confidential: Balancing life as a roller derby girl

By Nicole West | April 4, 2015

With roller derby season gearing up again, the teams are entering an intense time. For many of the skaters, derby is an overwhelming part of life, something they have to balance with work and their non-derby-season commitments. There are weekly practices, weight training, event planning and bouts. This season, there will be a total of four bouts.

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Examiner: Golden Bowl 2014: Bay Area v Angel City Derby Girls

By Laurel Hanson | June 16, 2014

The headliner bout of the 2014 Golden Bowl, held at the fabulous ocean-side Craneway Pavilion on Sunday, June 15 was also referred to as the battle of the gold helmets or the battle for the Golden State. The Bay Area Derby Girls (#2) and the Angel City Derby Girls (#6) are both California teams and not surprisingly, they both wear gold helmets. To have two California teams so high in worldwide WFTDA rankings, and to have them both in the same building playing against each other is a rare treat for skaters and spectators alike.

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UC Berkeley News Center: Committed to cutting kilowatts, and heck on wheels

By Cathy Cockrell | February 26, 2013

BERKELEY — Weekdays at UC Berkeley, Erin Fenley is all about helping the campus reduce its carbon footprint by saving kilowatts.

After hours, she’s all about burning energy – her own – in an intense roller derby scrimmage.

To understand the former Fenley, it helps to appreciate her roots. Berkeley’s energy-management communication specialist grew up in southern Appalachia, where coal is king. Both her grandfathers were coal miners and both died before she was born.

What coal mining “did to them,” as she puts it, and what it continues to do to the land – via mountaintop-removal and strip technologies – grieves this “proud hillbilly.”

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East Bay Express: B.A.D. Girls Work Out to Wreck It

By Azeen Ghorayshi | February 27, 2013

Put away your fishnets and break out your weights — it’s the new era of roller derby.

The ladies of the San Francisco ShEvil Dead want you to know they’re dead-serious when it comes to athleticism. So do the Oakland Outlaws, the Berkeley Resistance, and the Richmond Wrecking Belles. Get over the booty shorts, tutus, and theatrical hair-pulling of yesteryear; today’s version of roller derby is a full-time job in black athletic pants. “The early days of derby were definitely the fishnets and the makeup and the whole sex-on-wheels thing,” said Lori Petrini, better known as Eva Menace. “We used to drink before practice, and now most people work out like crazy outside of practice.”

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J Weekly: Kvell on wheels – Meet roller derby star Sara Cohen, aka Fatal Dreidel

By emma silvers | May 30, 2013

There are still about 10 minutes until the match starts, but the noise from the sellout crowd inside the Oakland Convention Center has reached a dull roar.

As the anticipation builds, referees in zebra-striped shirts amble around the track, making sure everything’s up to regulation standards. Groups of tattooed 20- and 30-somethings make their way to the concession stands for tequila shots, beer and tamales; one biker couple in their 60s scopes out the bleachers for any remaining seats. Across the way, a group of first-graders unfurls a finger-painted banner they’ve made to cheer on their favorite athlete: their teacher.

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Oakland Magazine: The Six Questions – Eva Menace, Roller Derby Skater

by HEather Larson [sic] | January – February 2013

What: By night, Menace (Petrini’s alter ego) skates as a blocker for the Richmond Wrecking Belles team in the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls league. Single, without children, she also volunteers her time as manager of public relations for the league. By day, she works in public relations for a film studio in Berkeley.

When: Bouts take place between January and August, or longer if the Wrecking Belles go to the championships. Besides practicing on skates four times a week, Menace also runs Lake Merritt, climbs the Cleveland Cascade steps, does speed work on a high school track and manages to work in strength training, too.

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Richmond Confidential: Richmond rolls to victory at Bay Area Derby Girls Championship

By: Jennifer Baires | August 6, 2012 – 12:14 pm

Energy as tangible as an electric current charged through the Craneway Pavillion on Saturday night as people flowed into the glass-lined room by the bay. The cavernous space was converted into a derby stadium for the 2012 B.ay A.rea D.erby (B.A.D.) Girls Championship showdown between the San Francisco ShEvil Dead and the Richmond Wrecking Belles.

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