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#77 Biggie Brawls

BGOTM – Biggie

This month, the nominee for B.A.D. Girl of the Month stays within the Richmond Wrecking Belles locker room. It’s none other than Biggie Brawls! #77 in your program, #1 in your hearts, Biggie is the league’s Training Committee Manager, responsible for organizing who will be training at every practice. She’s also responsible for keeping the calendar that tells us where to be and when, and who’s playing where. Biggie is described by a teammate with one word: “Drive. This pertains to so many different things. Her drive to succeed on the track, in the gym and as the head of training. And, as a blocker, her ability to drive you from side to side on the track.” This would explain how she won Rookie of the Year last season, and made it to our B-Team, Team Gold, this season. She also “lifts really heavy things” and “has nice hair,” according to anonymous sources, who go on to say, “it’s important to keep an eye on Biggie. Not only as a force on the track but as a future leader of the league.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Biggie Brawls!!

Photo by Lucas Saugen