This month's Bad Girl of the Month is Berkeley's own Jambee! #43 in your programs, #1 in your hearts, Jambee is most recognizable by her mass of curls spilling out from under her helmet, her bright, engaging smile, and the devastating hits she quietly dishes out on the track. But her teammates also know her as an agile, versatile athlete – she frequently turns cartwheels WHILE WEARING HER SKATES – and an amazingly positive person. “Jambee has a way of calming people down after a trip to the box or a particularly hard jam,” says one Resistance skater. “She doesn't have a mean bone in her body, even when she's blocking and dropping other skaters, which is frequent.”

One story I heard that sums up Jambee to those who know her well relates when she tried to teach a stranger how to ride a unicycle ('cause naturally, Jambee knows how to ride a unicycle….and juggle…). He held on to her head and she ran along side, holding him up. Because that's what you do.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bay Area Derby Girl of the Month, JAMBEE!

Photo By: DonnaLee

What’s your gubmint name (the one on your birth certificate)?
Jessica Little

How did you get your derby name?
It was my husband’s nickname for me. But I also took it, because I like to do jam (dance) skating

What do you do for non-derby work?
I do sales, marketing and management of various computer hardware sites. Nothing too exciting, but I mostly work at home, which is cool. This allows me to randomly do handstands all day or go skateboarding outside whenever I feel like it.

How did you become involved with our league? How long have you been with us?
I think I started in April of 2011. I was bored one day and went under community activities on Craig’s List and found this new group forming called Peninsula Roller Girls. I only skated with them for a few weeks, when I found out about B.A.D. I saw one of their games and was hooked. Also I live in Berkeley, so it was meant to be.

Do you have a favorite derby moment or one thing you are most proud of?
Humm that’s a tough one, lots of good moments and memories. I can think of three that stand out: When I was still in the Pool in 2012 (Bay Area’s name for the group for skaters eligible to be drafted up to B.A.D. home teams), I played my first game with Richmond against Monterey and than that same night was picked up by Berkeley. In 2013 I went through a lot of personal growth and was humbled when I won most improved skater of the year award. Third would have to be the love and support I got from my team and league when my husband passed away suddenly in August. I can’t put into words, how appreciative I was during that time of need.

If you had one super power what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil?
If I had the ability to heal people, I think that would be special. Or if I could teleport like in the movie ‘Jumper’ I would be down with that. I would like to travel and see more of the world, so being able to teleport would certainly come in handy.

Where would you love to live, if not in the Bay Area?
Venice Beach, CA or Tokyo, Japan. I took off four months of work and traveled recently. I loved Venice. They have a group of skaters that get together every weekend and dance to music in a popular area near the skatepark. I hung out there for weeks, talked with locals and vendors and enjoyed the vibe. Reminded me of Berkeley, except people wear less clothing.

What’s your personal goal for 2015 (derby or otherwise)?
For derby I plan to continue to work hard and have fun! Viva! Outside of derby I’ve sorta made it my goal to get to know my neighbors more. And not just my neighbors but anyone I meet, I like to spend a little more time getting to know them.

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