Micro Machine

The NSOs, or Non Skating Officials, are the unsung heroes of roller derby. These diligent folks are the ones tracking points, keeping track of penalties and baby sitting the penalty box. Things can get chaotic with the constantly changing pace of the game and referees and NSOs communicating with each other across the track.

Micro Machine has been Head NSO for a little under a year, which makes her the mama bear for all the other NSOs. She has done an awesome job making sure her team is on point and in position from whistle to whistle. Machine has spent so many hours at scrimmages prepping her team for success. And it shows! Our bouts run so smoothly, with all the points and penalties accounted for. And somehow Machine is always smiling, no matter how stressful a scrimmage or bout might be. She is always there for her team to rely on and to ask for feedback.

Thank you Micro Machine for your hard work and dedication to our B.A.D. NSOs. If it’s not Micro Machine its not the real thing!

What is your name outside of derby?
Birth name: Christine de Mateo
For nearly 18 years (to date), my friends have called me “machine”
Co-workers call me “c.d.”

What do you do for non-derby work?
Monday-Friday I work for a home warranty company in the East Bay (official title: Business Process Analyst). I’ve worked with the company for nearly thirteen years. I’ve only had one other job in my lifetime. When I can snag the time and not be lazy, I work on creating: graphic art/illustrations, charcoal portraits, figurine sculpting… or I might snuggle with my corgi, Devo (if he’s not harassing me about playing frisbee).

How did you become involved with our league?
I started volunteering for BAD in February 2012… doing whatever volunteer work was needed at the games. A couple months later I joined the Officiating crew. I wanted to be more involved with the league, and I knew skating wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be.

How long have you been with us?
Volunteering since 2012. This will be my third season as a Non-Skating Official (NSO); less than a year as HNSO for the league.

Do you have a favorite part of being involved with BAD or derby in general?
Everything I do for the league: officiate, educate others in officiating, volunteer as a Bad Hand and a Track Star. Every bit of it is incredibly rewarding. I also love being able to see the skaters in action… watch them develop and mold into some of the finest athletes I’ve ever witnessed.

Do you have a favorite derby moment or one thing you are most proud of?
Being able to carry the Head Non-Skating Official torch previously held by the amazing Dream Queen. I am the HNSO I am today because of her.

How did you come up with your derby name?
For about a year I was using my non-derby-life nickname “machine,” and decided to change it after knowing a referee also went by that derby name. The fact that I’m tiny made sense… I HAD to be “micro machine”!

If you had a superpower what would it be and would you use it for good or evil?
Healing powers. Imagine how useful that’d be! I’d just need to use it in an impartial way if it were on game day. I would hope, when used, this power would be seen as good versus evil.

Picture by Donalee

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