2019 Oakland Outlaws Team Photo by Jordan and Charley Jurich-Weston.

#9 Blood Sweat and Ears
#88 Bent Burns
#023 Eris Jordan
#42 Esteemed Bun Bun
#369 Foxosaurus Wrecks
#805 Greer Factor
#6 Hard Seltzer
666 Grim Reeba
#1929 Hieronymus Bash
#16 Luna Shovegood
#89 Maeve of Mutilation
#483 Ripley Effect
#8 Rolling Thunder
#52 Shortstacked
#14 Slaylor Swift
#13 Smother Mary
#29 Spiller

Team Story

In a land that’s legend as the hub of commerce and transportation, economic gain and national pride, Oakland has come under attack. The long-lived glory days of the Gold Rush and Transcontinental Railroad have come to a screeching halt. Tarnished and staled are the days when our cups runeth over; closed are the doors of endless opportunity; and the boom of economic progress has slowly but surely been stifled.

The divide between the “Haves” and “Have Nots” has steadily pushed the once kind and neighborly population into the dark recesses of the city. When backed into a corner, what options are left? No longer content to turn a blind eye, to live and let live, people began taking matters into their own hands. Chaos became law.

Angels were sent straight from the fiery pits of Hell. Rolling on two wheels they didn’t delve in mercy or blessings. Instead they became the silent silent-partners, they mired themselves in the blackening underbelly of this once beautiful city. Within the choking-hold of this regime, whispers began passing from mouth to mouth. Slowly, ladies of the day were leaving their pie plates in the cupboard, their heels in the closet, their bridge tables lonely, and their garters high on their thighs. The weight of the city’s hope pressed upon these women, and they carried their newfound responsibility solidly in their bosom.

There was another player hitting the streets. Like a shadow trying to be pinned down, this untamable entity seemed set on righting the wrongs that had come to define this city. It’s said that with eight wheels a rollin’, hugging the turns of danger, and staring down the throat of evil, these women dismantled the subversive powers-that-be block by block. No law force could get ahead of these rolling banshees, no criminal master-mind dared stand in their way.

Moving faster, drinking harder, and hitting with the power of vengeance this svelte group became the beacon of hope. Promises of a better tomorrow began making their way to the surface, being born of one collective conscious – the Oakland Outlaws. Restoring the fabric of their city, the Oakland Outlaws challenges any cigar puffing, moustache-twirling criminal to fight for the right to lay claim on this land.

As challenges come from near and far, from the living and the un-dead, from peace-lovers to notorious wreckers, the Oakland Outlaws will meet their rivals on the track not with a whimper, but with a bang.

Oakland Outlaws Alumni