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2019 San Francisco ShEvil Dead Team Preview

Coaches: Brick Houser and Butt’N MashHer

Run for your bunkers! The San Francisco ShEvil Dead are rising from their off-season cemetery and are ready to wreak havoc on the track! With many 2018 retirements, ShEvil has been reanimated this year with eleven new skaters, many of them rising through the ranks of BAD’s Reckless program to be drafted by this much loved and feared home team. This terrorizing wave of new drive and talent is bolstered by experienced skaters. “We’re so happy to have skaters like Brick Houser (Brix) and NeuralizeHER, who transferred from other leagues to help shake up the strategy ShEvil was already practicing last season,” says coach Butt’N MashHer (#85). Brix (#1138) is also serving as a ShEvil coach helping to strengthen and fine tune the team’s skills with inspiring leadership and engaging practice. ShEvil slayer Disco Brawl (#5) has stepped into the Captain position and veteran Killer Tofu (formerly Killer Kapowski) will act as bench coach, making sure that these new skaters have the support they need in the battle for the 2019 trophy.

Fresh ideas to classic BAD tactics are sure to raise these zombies from their graves as they fight their way towards cannibalizing their opponents. Coaching plans to focus on building and maintaining dynamic walls for defense, and employing offensive strategies to assist their new and exciting jammers to rack up the points and to prove themselves in the pack.This season will be a thriller as ShEvil opens BAD’s home team games at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco against the Oakland Outlaws on April 20th. Will BAD be seeing the return of the living dead? Keep watching to find out!

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Current team roster
#1138 Brick Houser || #85 Butt’N MashHer || #735 Danger Dre || #5 Disco Brawl || #54 Disastronaut || #60 Golden Hate Bridge || #12 Jacquernaut || #706 Kitty Killa || #357 Lethal Lipstick || #1979 Neuralize HER || #44 Red Hot Chili Wreckher || #4242 Randy Maxxxx || #40 Risky Ginger || #11 Slugga Mugga || #747 Snakes Anna Plane || #32 Sting Rey || #86 Stomping Hound || #615 Wicked Bruisah

Bench Coaches: Killer Tofu and Butt’N MashHer

2019 Berkeley Resistance Team Preview

Coaches: Dixie Did It and Kate Silver

It’s been a time of evolution for the Berkeley Resistance, who roll into #20ShineTeen with a strong new set of skaters, freshly honed strategy, and drive for redemption.

While fourteen skaters and bench manager La Rude have moved on since the end of last season, Berkeley sees numerous returning skaters, and various new additions–such as Slam Chowder (#33), Kate Silver (#538), Harmagedon (#11), the Boonvillain (#128), Grizzy Borden (#187), Jesus Chris (#16), Psi (#317), and Big Perm (#404)–to its powerful lineup. Bench coaching this season are Smother Mary, who won’t let injury keep her far from this season’s derby action, and Beaver, who doubles as both an “amazing jammer coach” and “whole team pumper upper”.

Last season, the Resistance withstood a series of injuries and skated through difficult scenarios, but ultimately finished behind the Oakland Outlaws and San Francisco ShEvil Dead. The time since has been a period of growth for the team, and they’ve leveraged lessons learned last year into a smarter, stronger training strategy.

Coach Dixie Did It (#804) is optimistic about the payoff for the team’s hard work, and says: “Every time we skate together, we get stronger. Every obstacle we overcome, our trust, understanding, and respect for each other grows deeper. Every moment we spend training together, our communication gets tighter. I am very proud to say that we have developed an encouraging, motivating, and overall genuinely supportive environment on our team”.

They enter this season as a united front with grand aspirations, which is fitting for the work they’ve put in. After months of learning and growing, strategizing, sweating, and pushing themselves and each other to be stronger, all hearts of the Resistance are set on taking the title of League Champs in 2019.

Current team roster:

Attila The Hut (#3787) || Big Perm (#404) || Dixie Did It (#804) || Grizzy Borden (#187) || Harmagedon (#11) || Hell or High (#971) || HoS (#718) || Jesus Chris  (#16) || Kate Silver (#538) || KnockOut  (#0) || MissFists (#138) || Missy Misdemeanor (#4815) || Psi (#317) || Red Card (#27) || Slam Chowder (#33) || Smother Mary (#313) || The Boonvillain (#128)

2019 Oakland Outlaws Team Preview

The Outlaws are led by coaches Esteemed Bun Bun (#42)–a notorious Outlaw since 2012 who dominates with intensity, speed, and precision–and Grim Reeba (#666), who proved herself a fierce competitor last season after being drafted to the Outlaws straight out of BAD’s Reckless Rollers program and BAD Beginnings Boot Camp.

The Outlaws are building a unique chemistry that comes from a blend of strong, experienced, skaters and mentors like Dreadzilla (#333), Lethally Blonde (#45) and Legs//Cité (#1395), in addition to returning skaters at early stages of their careers and newly drafted rookies. This year, the team welcomes Luna Shovegood (#16), Maya (#847) and Foxosaurus (369) as early season draftees.  Evolving team strategies involve difficult-to-counter offense and fleet-footed jammer work characteristic of the Outlaws.

The team plays their first bout of the season against the ravenous zombies of the San Francisco ShEvil Dead on April 20th at the Palace of Fine Arts.  Will they be able to defend their title as League Champs all the way through August? Or will Berkeley and San Francisco give the Outlaws a tough fight?  Only time and scores will tell!

Current team roster:

#9 Blood Sweat and Ears || #88 Bent Burns || #333 Dreadzilla || #023 Eris Jordan || #42 Esteemed Bun Bun || #369 Foxosaurus || #805 Greer Factor || #666 Grim Reeba || #1929 Hieronymus Bash || #1395 Legs//Cité || #45 Lethally Blonde || #16 Luna Shovegood || #847 Maya || #483 Ripley Effect || #1062 Snatch || #29 Spiller

Bench Coach: Wilma Honey

2018 Berkeley Resistance Team Preview

Coaches: Jerk Jar Wrecks and Smother Mary
Captain: Banshee-ra

As our world becomes darkened with increasing political absurdity and polarization, a beacon of hope shines from the Bay Area Derby headquarters to tell us that there is a Resistance and that it stands united. As they take to the streets to spray paint their DIY scrimmage jerseys, members of the Berkeley Resistance answer almost in unison: the most important element of their 2018 season will be togetherness.

They are sticking together, not only in team-building crafting days, but also on the track with a focus on learning to communicate and support each other, socially and physically. Their togetherness becomes even more literal where the blockers are concerned. They are focusing on “getting full body on each other” according to team captain JJ “Jerk Jar” Wrecks (#12), as well as “trying new things outside of traditional Bay Area flat wall”.

Other new aspects of the Berkeley team include coach Smother Mary (#313)–who promises to “teach you to be young again,” having risen meteorically out of the Reckless Rollers program and onto the Travel Team and Berkeley captainship as a jammer–along with fellow Berkeley jammers Xpress Lane Jane (#212), Frightmare (#31) and Eva Menace (#20).

But Smother Mary isn’t the only new thing to come to the Resistance this year. In fact every skater currently on the roster, with the exception of one Shenghis Khan (#434), skated with different home teams during the previous season. Their team color even reflects this year’s blank slate — the teal color scheme has never previously been seen for Berkeley.

The Resistance’s new logo also represents new growth: a rose on a lightning bolt echoes the team’s “pretty but gritty” aesthetic and evokes the old activist proverb: “they tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds”. Taking on the challenge of “creating a cohesive team with players coming from a variety of backgrounds,” as Smother Mary puts it, the Resistance intends to grow, like a bramble of roses: strong and inseparable.

The Berkeley Resistance have hit the ground skating. In February, they defeating Visalia Roller Derby’s V-Town Derby Dames and in March narrowly lost in Seattle to Rat City Roller Derby’s Derby Liberation Front. For the BAD Season Opener, they were defeated by SF ShEvil Dead. They look to #bringtheresistance to Saturday’s bout when they take on the Oakland Outlaws in BAD’s second home team game of the season.

Current team roster:

#410 Ames to Maims|| #3787 Attila the Hut || #133 Banshee-Ra || #323 Chiquita Bonanza || #45 Dollface Killah || #804 Dixie Did It || #20 Eva Menace || #31 Frightmare || #971 Hell or High || #157 Hott Box || #12 JJ Wrecks || #0 KnockOut || #1 Liza Machete || #22 Merry Povich || #4815 Missy Misdemeanor || #49 Raven Evergore || #27 Red Card || #434 Shenghis Khan || #246 Sinnabar || #313 Smother Mary || #212 Xpress Lane Jane