2017 Golden Bowl: Officials

Officials from all over the US are coming together in the Bay Area for this year’s Golden Bowl to help ensure all games are run safely and fairly.


Loren Order

Fans of roller derby officiating  will immediately recognize the 2017 Golden Bowl Head Referee, Loren Order, because of her renowned politeness, attention to detail, and fact that she has been involved with roller derby for over a decade.  With over 11 years of officiating experience and an enviable resume, Loren has steadily and unassumingly amassed a wealth of playoff experience and acute gameplay knowledge which makes her the perfect candidate for  THR of the 2017 Golden Bowl. Loren is an official affiliated with Denver Roller Derby. Her list of WFTDA postseason credits include multiple Division 1 positions as well as Crew Head Ref at the 2016 WFTDA Championships.  As honored as she feels to be selected for any spot, Loren keeps coming back for the lifelong friendships and awesomeness of the derby community.



Initially only California leagues  were blessed with the amazingness brought to every event by the 2017 Golden Bowl Head Non-Skating Official, TaraByte, but for 5 years now, derby leagues worldwide have gotten to experience the professionalism and acumen that Tara brings to every event. From her start in 2009 with San Jose’s Silicon Valley Roller Girls, Tara has worked regulation and sanctioned games far and wide. Her tournament resume includes NSO Crew Head positions at WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs in Sacramento 2014 and Wichita 2016 and her most thrilling postseason memory, scorekeeper for the heart stopping 2015 WFTDA Championship game. It is her derby family who gives her the greatest joy, and she relishes working high level games just as much as training rookie officials.


Wernher Von Bombed
Jonny Demonic
Bruise Almighty
Keiran Duncan
Don Scoreleone
Danger Muffin
Kylo Ref
Artie FM
Darth Bling
Topper bottom
Oliver DePlace
Bass Invader
Judge Injury
Freddy Mercury Poisoning
Colin M. Fairly
Doesn’t Matt-er


May the Force
dedi hubbard
Momster Mash
Surly Temple
Rex Blocker
Allyaz Stoned
Wizard of Laws
Butt Force Trauma
jeneral Demeanor
Rachel SCarson
Needle Fever
Strong Female Character