Acknowledging Indigenous Erasure: Bay Area Derby Contributes to Shuumi Land Tax

Bay Area Derby strives to respect and value all members of our community. In that spirit, we wish to acknowledge that we occupy the land of the Ramaytush and Chochenyo Ohlone. We recognize the exclusion and erasure of indigenous peoples; to contribute to the repair of this injustice, BAD will be paying a Shuumi Land Tax to support the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, which works to restore portions of Ohlone territory to Ohlone stewardship. While we understand that no amount of money can undo the damage that’s been done, we invite you to join us in supporting the self-determination and sovereignty of current and future Ohlone people.

For additional information, visit the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust website and the Indian People Organizing for Change website, and watch Beyond Recognition, a local film about the first women-led, urban indigenous land trust.