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Bay Area All Stars 2019 Private Training Sessions

Bay Area Derby All Stars Private Training

Ready to step up your game?  BAD All Stars are here to help!  Are you interested in derby skills for yourself or your team? Or learning how to train off-skates or shred the ramps? We have trainers to fit all of your needs!

Available Trainers:

  • Brawllen Angel (derby skills, off-skates workouts, ramp skating)
  • Big Perm (derby skills, blocking)
  • Blood, Sweat, & Ears (jammer skills)
  • Bun (derby skills, blocking)
  • Eva Menace (derby skills, off-skates workouts)
  • HOS (basic beginner skills, stops and lateral movement)
  • Kate Silver (off-skates workouts)
  • K.O. (stops, blocking, stride, backwards skating)
  • Legs//Cité (derby skills)
  • Neuralize HER (derby skills, off-skates workouts)
  • Stef Mainey (derby skills, off-skates workouts)


  • Single session- $50

Bundles (buy more than one lesson, for a discount):

  • 2 for 90 ($10 off, $45 each)
  • 3 for 120 ($30 off, $40 each)
  • 4 for 140 ($60 off, $35 each)

Please contact Ripley ( or HOS ( for more details or fill out the Interest Form.  

2019 BAD Travel Team Leadership Announced

Bay Area Derby is pleased to announce our newly selected 2019 Travel Team leadership!

After careful deliberation by a diverse selection panel comprised of travel team skaters, league leadership, and a professional coach from outside of the derby community, the following individuals have accepted their invitation to serve as the leaders of Bay Area Derby’s 2019 Travel Team: Brawllen Angel and Murderyn Monroe as coaches, and Stefanie Mainey serving as a team trainer.

When asked about her vision for forming and developing the 2019 Travel Team, Murderyn focused on skaters giving “perfect effort” because “[n]o one can be perfect all of the time, or execute perfectly during an entire game, but if you can deliver your perfect effort consistently, you are going to be a strong, accountable, reliable teammate”.

BA and Stef discussed the investment that Travel Team skaters will be asked to make in themselves and their teammates, thereby generating a positive and effective environment in which newer and veteran Travel Team members can grow.

BAD is thrilled to have these three qualified, enthusiastic individuals on board to lay a foundation for positive growth at BAD while maintaining our legacy as a highly competitive roller derby league. They will work to develop new talent and believe that a supportive, growth-oriented team and culture is paramount to the league’s overall success.

Bay Area All Stars Roll into Seattle for WFTDA Division 1 International Playoffs

Photo Credit: Lucas Saugen

Photo Credit: Lucas Saugen

Bay Area Derby is heading to Seattle for the 2017 International Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Playoffs September 1 – 3!

The Bay Area All Stars finished their 2017 WFDA regular season 4-0 and are ranked number 10 in the world, earning them the fourth seed in this weekend’s WFTDA playoff tournament. Their first game will be against the winner of Game 3: either Charlottesville Derby Dames All Stars (Seed 12) or Montréal Roller Derby New Skids on the Block (Seed 5) on Saturday, September 2 at 10 am.

Bay Area is looking forward to playing either opponent but a rematch against Montréal would be epic. Last year, the Skids defeated the BAD All Stars in the 3rd place game at playoffs in Montréal by a mere 12 points. Given the opportunity, the All Stars are keen on flipping the results against the Skids this year to take the win and earn a spot at Champs.

If you can’t make it to Seattle to cheer in person, buy a weekend pass from for only $16.99 to watch Bay Area play some of the highest level competitive roller derby in the world!

Want to watch with BAD? Chiquita Bonanza, skater and league member, is hosting a watch party at her shop Mischief. Check out the Facebook event for more details.




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