Bay Area Derby All Stars Private Training

Bay Area All Stars 2019 Private Training Sessions

Ready to step up your game?  BAD All Stars are here to help!  Are you interested in derby skills for yourself or your team? Or learning how to train off-skates or shred the ramps? We have trainers to fit all of your needs!

Available Trainers:

  • Brawllen Angel (derby skills, off-skates workouts, ramp skating)
  • Big Perm (derby skills, blocking)
  • Blood, Sweat, & Ears (jammer skills)
  • Bun (derby skills, blocking)
  • Eva Menace (derby skills, off-skates workouts)
  • HOS (basic beginner skills, stops and lateral movement)
  • Kate Silver (off-skates workouts)
  • K.O. (stops, blocking, stride, backwards skating)
  • Legs//Cité (derby skills)
  • Neuralize HER (derby skills, off-skates workouts)
  • Stef Mainey (derby skills, off-skates workouts)


  • Single session- $50

Bundles (buy more than one lesson, for a discount):

  • 2 for 90 ($10 off, $45 each)
  • 3 for 120 ($30 off, $40 each)
  • 4 for 140 ($60 off, $35 each)

Please contact for more details or fill out the Interest Form.