Demanda Ri-tirement

You may have heard Demanda is hanging up her golden Crazy skates. First of all, how dare you. Second, yes this is allergies, shut up. Third, okay maybe we need a collective hug.

In all seriousness, Demanda has been a part of the league for over a decade, and we will miss her dearly. She cultivated a persona of real flacking scary on the track, but she’s actually super approachable, friendly and is a thoughtful, caring lil human being.

Demanda has been a cornerstone for our All-Stars team and was a strong coach, blocker, and jammer at home. If you’ve ever attended one of her bootcamps and/or Rollercon classes, we know you’re jelly that we got to enjoy her coaching on the reg and benefit from her real-time in-pack communication / quarterbacking. Our gold will shine a little less brightly without her signature black + white face paint around to smear all over people’s jerseys and scrim shirts.

BAD is sad to see her go and will never stop our secret dream of Demanda magically appearing back on the track any day now when the clock strikes 0:00. Read Demanda’s announcement on her page here: