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Get drafted to a BAD home team!

Our season is about to start with the Battle of the Bay on March 18, a match up between the Oakland Outlaws and San Francisco ShEvil Dead. Who should you cheer for? Let this quiz help you decide!

Put on our digital sorting hat and find out which Bay Area Derby home team YOU should be on.


You might belong in the Resistance,

Where dwell the bros at heart,

Back-to-back champions and pink uniforms,

Set the Berkeley team apart;

You might belong with the Wrecking Belles,

Where the winningest team dons yellow and blue,

The Richmond team is determined to win,

With defense and destructive offense, too;

Or yet with the tough ol’ Outlaws,

If you’re ready for the grind,

Where those of Oakland dig deep,

Most fierce on the track their opponents find;

Or perhaps with the unrelenting ShEvil Dead,

The San Francisco team in green so bright,

Those zombies work hard off and on the track,

Always ready to put up a good fight.

So take this quiz and don’t you worry,

There’s no risk of getting bruised,

Submit your email for a chance to win tickets,

And at the least be most amused!

After you take the quiz, follow the link in the result to enter our contest for a chance to win 2 season tickets. Contest runs from February 22, 2017 to March 8, 2017. Terms and conditions apply.