July Officiating Clinic

Do you like roller derby, but haven’t been sure how to get involved? Or are you already involved in roller derby at a beginner level and want to take your knowledge of the game to the next level? Join us for this Beginner Clinic to learn the foundations of roller derby officiating. Not sure what an official is or does? This is a perfect event to learn.

The clinic will take place from 10am-4pm, Sunday July 28th at BAD HQ with a one hour independent lunch break. An optional scrimmage to get more hands on experience will be available after the clinic.

This clinic will cover:

  • The Rules: a quick jumpstart overview
  • Officiating Roles: whatchy’all doing out there?
  • Officiating Paperwork: for those who love it and those who don’t
  • The Derbyverse: league membership and beyond

And More™!