BAD Comets by Nix Starling

BAD wins first two games of 2023 season!

On March 18, the BAD warehouse hosted our season opener, a quadruple header that pitted eight local Bay Area teams against each other in four exciting games. These bouts kicked off the 2023 California Derby Galaxy (CDG) season.

CDG is a coalition of Bay Area derby leagues playing under the WFTDA ruleset, and includes Bay Area Derby, along with Carquinez Quad Squad, Monterey Bay Roller Derby, Peninsula Roller Derby, Santa Cruz Roller Derby, Sonoma County Roller Derby and Undead Roller Derby

This year, BAD is fielding two teams to compete in the Galaxy, a Comets team and a Quasars team. Our Comets team is composed of our up-and-coming and returning skaters, and our Quasars are our veterans and advanced skaters. 

March 18 saw BAD Comets play Peninsula Comets, and BAD Quasars play Peninsula Quasars, with BAD winning both games! CQSU (a mix of Carquinez Quad Squad and Undead Roller Derby skaters) Comets also faced off against Santa Cruz Comets, and CQSU Quasars played Santa Cruz Quasars. 

You can watch all four games here

BAD Comets beat Peninsula Comets 301-177, with high scoring passes from jammers Malice In Wonderland and Speed Reading, who both graduated from our Baddies program last year. Detroit Demon, a recent transfer to BAD, also made her mark as a jammer, breaking through walls to take BAD to victory. Congratulations to Hot Wheels and Spider on playing their first bout and smashing it! 

BAD Quasars then took the track, beating Peninsula Quasars 185-149. Jamming for BAD, Grim Reeba put the first points on the scoreboard for BAD in a close game. But BAD blockers Kitty Killa, Big Perm, Eris Jordan and Spiller held together impenetrable walls, allowing rising star jammers Coffee Bean and Randy to rack up points. 

Congratulations to everyone who played! And thank you to BAD legend Smother Mary for bench-coaching us to victory. 

Check out our Events page for more info on BAD’s upcoming games in the CDG season!