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20SkateTeen BOUT 1 recap: San Francisco ShEvil Dead v. Berkeley Resistance

BAD’s opening home bout of the #20SkateTeen season pitted the Berkeley Resistance against the San Francisco ShEvil Dead in a hard-hitting test of endurance and stability, resulting in victory for the zombies, 172-99.

BAD’s teams took the track at San Francisco’s historic Palace of the Fine Arts under the gaze of two ominous angel statues and a triumphant crowd of about 700 fans.  The starting jammers–Eva Menace for the Resistance and Danymite for the ShEvil Dead–crashed into the pack of skaters, with Dani taking a quick lead and forcing Eva to pass the star to her pivot, Raven Evergore, while Dani continued on to score five points and call off the jam.

The first half of play saw the teams trading low-scoring passes and calling off the jam.  It seemed as though both teams were working more towards stability on the slick track than on elaborate strategy. Both teams used up their official reviews in the first half of play, requesting the officials to call cut track penalties on the opposing team’s jammers.  The officials stood by their decision in both cases, and both teams lost their official reviews.

At halftime, ShEvil led the Resistance with a score of 89-45.

The Resistance came back swinging, however, taking on a two-wall of ShEvil blockers and scoring a quick five points.  The next jam, too, saw Berkeley’s Smother Mary break through a full contingent of zombie blockers, leading to yet another star pass from ShEvil’s Sterling Archer to pivot Stefanie Mainey.  

Berkeley’s momentum was not to last, even as the Resistance and ShEvil both solidified their defensive strategies in the second half of the game.  With just over ten minutes left on the clock, Berkeley completed a star pass right off the line to Raven Evergore. But ShEvil’s jammer, Tifa Knoxhard, followed closely behind out of the pack and into her scoring pass.  After two passes the ShEvil blockers were able to clear the penalty box and, with Stefanie Mainey bracing a wall of three, shut down Raven Evergore and allow Tifa Knoxhard the time to break through the Resistance tripod, all while running down the game clock.

From then on, the half saw multiple scoreless jams, including one with only 8 minutes left on the clock, where the tripod walls for both teams held the jammers for a full two minutes–a testament to both teams’ strength and communication.

At the end of the night, the ShEvil Dead emerged victorious, with a score of 172-99.  The Resistance have another chance to prove themselves in their upcoming fight for the East Bay against the Oakland Outlaws on April 7th, again at the Palace of the Fine Arts.  Which team will own the Bay?

Photography by Will Toft.


San Francisco ShEvil Dead: 172
Berkeley Resistance: 99

Featured image by Mark Nockleby.

2018 BAD Season Announcement

Welcome to 20Skateteen!

The new season brings lots of exciting additions, changes, and a whole lotta NEW!

New Year, New Venue

All of our home team bouts will be at The Venue at The Palace of the Fine Arts in San Francisco. Mark your calendars for March 24, April 7, July 21, and August 25! Tickets will go on sale soon through the Palace of the Fine Arts.

New Teams

Due to our member numbers decreasing over the years and after much discussion as an organization, we decided to consolidate to three home teams—San Francisco ShEvil Dead, Oakland Outlaws, and The Berkeley Resistance. Full explanation can be found HERE.

We took this opportunity to change things up even more by reshuffling skaters on all three teams! So now some of your favorite Outlaws are now among the walking dead, some Belles have traded their wrecking ball for another style of Resistance and some Dead have rejoined the living as hippies and Outlaws. Team rosters (and photos coming soon) can be found on the team pages:

New Logos

New venue, new teams . .  the fun doesn’t stop there! For 2018, our Creative and Marketing teams rose to the challenge of redesigning team logos. We wanted to build a set of strong, unique home team emblems with a unified look and feel across all three. Which is your favorite?

Shevil Dead

New Recruits

20skateteen brings a lot of new faces! After October tryouts, we added 20 new skaters to the league. We have also received some amazing transfers from across the country – Alaska, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida to name a few.

We also hosted a “New to Derby Night” where anyone interested in learning about roller derby was welcome to come speak with skaters, officials and coaches and have all their questions answered. Our turnout was superb!

Since the event, we have had over 15 people join our recreation league called The Reckless Rollers. They are now being evaluated to transfer up to the league.

Keep an eye out for all of this fresh new talent.

New Programming

Last season we started two new programs: BAD Dudes—a weekly drop-in session for all genders including male-identifying skaters and The Golden Nuggets—a series of junior roller derby training for youth ages 8-17. We are continuing to expand those programs. Look for announcements throughout the season regarding both!

BAD Park

When we’re not skating in circles on a flat track, you can find many BAD skaters doing flips, twists, grinds, stalls and slides on ramps, too. BAD recently teamed up with Skate Like A Girl, a unique local and international organization to provide a safe space for girls and women (cis, trans, female-identifying, and genderqueer) to promote their personal growth, athleticism, leadership and empowerment through skateboarding and roller skating programs. We are currently raising funds to help pay for supplies to build and maintain the BAD Park. Please visit our GoFundMe page.

We are so excited for the new adventure 20skateen will bring us and happy you’re with us along this journey!

Three Home Teams for 2018

As mentioned in our season announcement, Bay Area Derby has consolidated from four home teams to three. Over the past couple of years, BAD’s membership has decreased with our number of retirees being greater than new recruits and transfers. This trend is not unique to BAD. Our governing body, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) has seen a decrease in the number of new leagues joining, some leagues merging due to declining numbers (e.g. Sacred City & Sacramento City), and some even losing their practice spaces.

In 2011, when BAD introduced a fourth home team —The Berkeley Resistance— we had a membership count of over 100 league members. At the end of 2017, we had 56 league members. For the safety of our skaters and to help continue to produce competitive and entertaining events for the public, the entire league membership voted to temporarily go back down to three home teams until we can drive our member numbers back up.

With the change in the number of teams, the league took this opportunity to reshuffle skaters in order to create new, closely-matched teams. This also made it so the skaters from the one eliminated team would not have to try to integrate into already formed/bonded teams. The Coaching Committee essentially picked names out of a hat and placed skaters on teams 1, 2 and 3, then evaluated each team to make sure they were even, followed by selecting team names from the hat.

The decision on which team names to keep was not an easy one to make. There was no question about maintaining the Oakland and San Francisco team names — they were the first teams of the league, both have a rich fan base, and are the cities where most of our league members and fans live, in addition to Oakland being the location for our headquarters.  While the Richmond Wrecking Belles were the third established team in the league and held the “Most Winningest Team” title, after careful consideration and deep deliberation, it was decided to keep the Berkeley team name. Berkeley won the last two BAD Championship bouts, we recruit several skaters from Cal and it’s in closer proximity to our headquarters.

BAD is so thankful to the City of Richmond and its incredible fans who came out to our games at The Craneway Pavilion. And we are especially appreciative of our Super Fans who traveled from Los Angeles to support the Belles. While this situation was not ideal, we want to emphasize that we are working hard to make this a short-term solution. The Belles will be back! And it’s already looking encouraging — we just picked up over 20 new skaters during our last tryout session. Continue telling your friends about roller derby and encourage them to come check out BAD!

If you have any questions regarding the reshuffle, please do not hesitate to reach out to Eva Menace at pr@bayareaderby.com.