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Golden State Skate

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November 24th-25th
12:00 – 5:00 pm
(11am registration and warm up).

BAD Park is starting our guest coach series with Estro Jen!

Estro Jen, Dita de los Muertos, Kid Ace will be stopping by the BADPark with a full sizing range for Jack boots to help you choose the perfect pair.

In addition, they will be lending their skate knowledge to help you add more tricks and dance to your toolbox. 2 days, 6 hours of skating – Learn Ramp and Skate Dance from the best.

November 24th-25th from 12:00 – 5:00 pm (11 am registration and warm up).

$35 for one day, $60 for the weekend, limited tickets.

Mark you calendars and sign up here.

Help us build a skate park!

Bay Area Derby (BAD) is not just about skating in circles on a flat track. We like to do flips, twists, grinds, stalls and slides on ramps too. BAD recently teamed up with Skate Like A Girl , a unique local and international organization that teaches skateboarding while promoting social justice, and now we have an opportunity to build our own skate park… but we need your help!

Together, Bay Area Derby + Skate Like A Girl wants to provide a safe space for girls and women (cis, trans, female-identifying and genderqueer) to promote their personal growth, athleticism, leadership and empowerment through skateboarding and roller skating programs.

Check out the photos from our first collaboration session with only one ramp:

Now imagine what we can do with a whole skate park!

Here’s where you come in… We have the ramps (three half pipes, a spine, an 8’ vert ramp and one mini ramp) but need some assistance with the supplies:

Pressure treated plywood
$ 50.00 X15

1-5/8 deck screws
$ 10.00 X45

3″ deck screws
$ 30.00 X10

6″ deck screws
$ 50.00 X5

star bit
$ 5.00 X15

tool rental
$ 50.00 X10

We are accepting donations of any monetary value to build this amazing park! Visit our GoFundMe to make a donation.

Thank you from all of us at Bay Area Derby & Skate Like A Girl!