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2017 Team Preview: Travel Team

It’s that time of year again.  Top skaters throughout Bay Area Derby have come together to create the 2017 Bay Area Travel Team. Our travel team is comprised of the All-Stars (WFTDA charter skaters) and Team Gold (B-level skaters). Last year, Team Gold racked up a 4-0 winning season against tough competition. The Bay Area B squad amassed two wins against the Sacred City Derby Girls, a 28 point victory against Santa Cruz, and a solid win against Arizona Roller Derby’s Phoenix Rising. The All-Stars went 4-4 in the regular season and 1-2 at the Division One WFTDA Playoffs in Montreal.  Bay Area arguably had one of the most dramatic and memorable games at the 2016 playoffs against the Montreal New Skids on the Blockhosts and home crowd favorites of the tournament.  Montreal won the 3rd place ticket to Championships, leaving the BAD All Stars to close the chapter on their 2016 story.  

No longer skating with the All Stars are wily jammers, Skrappie, who is pursuing higher education in medicine, and Huck Sinn, who has refocused her derby interests on coaching and blocking for the Oakland Outlaws. Team captain Brawllen Angel noted that “the wiry jamming and tongue-in-cheek wit from our ‘kid  brother’ will always be missed.” Other team losses include skaters from the All Stars and Team Gold rosters: Mean Burrito, Ames to Maim, Biggie Brawls, Domme Juan, Korn Holy-O, and Chasing Amy. The biggest news for the 2017 team are recent transfers of note.  Stef Mainey, previously on London Rollergirls, and Cassie Beck aka Raven Evergore, previously of Rat City Rollergirls, have both made the Golden City their new home. Additionally, the 4closer, formerly of Sacred City Derby Girls, has joined the BAD All Stars’ jamming rotation. New to the team, former speed skater Dani Rueda has been making moves on the San Francisco Shevil Dead since 2016 as Danymite and living up to her derby name as Brawllen Angel describes her as a “firecracker of a jammer.”

Brawllen Angel and Murderyn Monroe are most looking forward to hosting the 2017 Golden Bowl next month. Teams from near and far will travel to the Bay Area for an exciting weekend of competitive WFTDA roller derby. The All Stars will play teams from Vancouver, Tampa, and Boston all which will be streamed live on BADtv.

#000 Demanda Riot || #1 Liza Machete || #4 Mad 4 Gravy || #7 Murderyn Monroe || #11 Lex Pistol || #13 Stef Mainey || #20 Eva Menace || #23 April Bloodgate || #27 Red Card || #29 Dual Hitizen || #31 Frightmare ||  #36 Skatelyn || #42 Esteemed Bun Bun || #44 The 4closer || #49 Cassie Beck || #61 Pressure Cooker || #818 Dani Rueda || #86 Gretchen Vomette || #333 Dreadzilla || #405 Dirty Lil Trick || #701 Illuminaughty ||  #888 Brawllen Angel  || #925 Sterling Archer

2016 Golden Bowl – August 6 & 7


What: 2016 Golden Bowl
When:  August 6 & 7, 2016
Where: BAD Headquarters (Oakland, CA)

Our Team Gold will be playing in the Golden Bowl this year along with 5 other teams from around California and Arizona! With 6 teams competing in this year’s BAD-hosted roller derby invitational, we know things are gonna heat up once the wheels get rollin’ on the track in our BAD Headquarters!

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Team Gold

(Bay Area Derby)

Phoenix Rising

(Arizona Roller Derby)

The Undead Bettys

(Undead Roller Derby)

San Fernando Valley Roller Derby

Santa Cruz Derby Girls

Monterey Bay Derby Dames


Saturday August 6

12:00 PM PST Team Gold vs. Phoenix Rising
2:00 PM PST Santa Cruz  Derby Girls vs. San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
5:00 PM PST Team Gold vs. San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
7:00 PM PST Santa Cruz Derby Girls vs. Phoenix Rising

Sunday August 7

12:00 PM PST Phoenix Rising vs. San Fernando Valley Roller Derby
2:00 PM PST Monterey Bay Derby Dames vs. Team Gold
4:00 PM PST Santa Cruz Derby Girls vs. The Undead Bettys
6:00 PM PST Monterey Bay Derby Dames vs. The Undead Bettys

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2016 BAD Travel Team

Photo Credit: Bob Ayers
Photo Credit: Bob Ayers

Bay Area Derby’s Travel Team is composed of a skaters who represent BAD in interleague play, comprised of All-Stars on our WFTDA charter and B-level skaters on Team Gold. Team Gold put up a 3-5 record during a season that culminated with an appearance at Full Metal Bracket in Austin, Texas – a seeded bracketed tournament representing the “championship” for B-Team tournaments.

BAD’s All-Stars fought through a season last year packed with strong competition. Their regular 2015 record ended up 3-6 between May and August, across 3 multi-game weekends. The groundwork for their eventual strong showing at Division 1 WFTDA Playoffs (Tucson, AZ) and Championships (St. Paul, MN) was laid by the intense competition they faced along the way. “We definitely got stronger as the year went on, and the team had a chance to solidify,” said coach Murderyn Monroe, noting their performance against Denver and Rose City at Champs as indicators of that gain.

It is that same adversity and high level of competition that enables skaters to fine-tune their skills and make the roster as part of the All-Star team. Long-time BAD fans may notice some familiar faces who are new to the All-Stars charter this year after working their way up: Mean Burrito (89) is a regular on the jammer line for the San Francisco ShEvil Dead and is returning to the All Star team after a year on Team Gold. Lightning quick with seemingly endless spring in her step, this skater could definitely contribute some clutch jams with the star when called upon this season. Newly tapped for duty are Biggie Brawls (77) and Sterling Archer (925), who can often be spotted walling up together for the Wrecking Belles, as well as Dirty Lil Trick (405), a dynamite blocker and coach for the Berkeley Resistance – all three also played with Team Gold in 2015.

On the flip side, BAD’s All-Star team said goodbye to some of their BADdest skaters, some who spent a brief time on the team while others retired after years of service: belle RIGHT hooks, Lulu Lockjaw, Steely Jan, Kid Ace, Nurse Lithium, Amanda Jamitinya, Dolly Rocket, Sweet Sherry Pie, and Fluezy will be watching this year’s team from the sidelines with the beverage of their choice. (Cheers!)

Along with games against Victoria (2), Denver (8), and Texas (5) at the Big O, the All-Stars are headed to LA to meet up with Angel City (7) in early June for PAC Destruction, where Team Gold will also be playing. The season is shaping up to offer formidable competition again, and the coaches are hoping to turn that adversity into greater gains this time around.

#410 Ames to Maim || #23 April Bloodgate || #77 Biggie Brawls || #888 Brawllen Angel || #1217 Chasing Amy || #000 Demanda Riot || #405 Dirty Lil Trick || #09 Domme Juan || #333 Dreadzilla || #29 Dual Hitizen || #42 Esteemed Bun Bun || #20 Eva Menace || #31 Frightmare || #86 Gretchen Vomette || #10 Huck Sinn || #17 Korn Holy-O || #1 Liza Machete || #4 Mad 4 Gravy || #89 Mean Burrito || #7 Murderyn Monroe || #242 Pomba || #61 Pressure Cooker || #36 Skatelyn || #5 Skrappie || #925 Sterling Archer

Team Gold has Arrived

Photo credit: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E. sign
Photo credit: Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E. sign

Team Gold is our league’s B-Team! Formerly a group of hard-working skaters that scrimmaged weekly against and with the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls All-Stars, for 2015 Team Gold has taken their game to the next level.

This year, the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls decided to follow the example of other WFTDA top ranking leagues (including Gotham, Denver, Rat City and Rose City) and officially establish a B-level competitive travel team. Comprised of members of all four B.A.D. home teams (Berkeley Resistance, Oakland Outlaws, Richmond Wrecking Belles and San Francisco ShEvil Dead), Team Gold is led by captains Kimfectious (San Francisco) and Vee (Oakland) coached by Slaybia Majora (San Francisco) with mentor-ship from Golden Girls’ captains Brawllen Angel (Berkeley) and Murderyn Monroe (Oakland).

The 14-member roster is training not only to establish itself as a force within the derby community but to also dominate the Full Metal Bracket B-Team Tournament – the unofficial North American B-Team Championships – in Austin, Texas Oct. 16-18. While training can be physically demanding, traveling with a full roster has its own costly challenges. But B.A.D. fans can help! Each dollar you donate offsets Team Gold’s travel expenses so they can focus on adding more wins to their record.

We ask that you please consider donating to their fundraising efforts.



Abominatrix 140 (Richmond)

Biggie Brawls 77 (Richmond)

Esteemed Bun Bun 42 (Oakland)

Jambee 43 (Berkeley)

Kimfectious 47 (San Francisco)

Korn Holy-O 17 (San Francisco)

Little Miss Masochist 22 (Richmond)

Mad 4 Gravy 4 (Richmond)

Mean Burrito 89 (San Francisco)

Sterling Archer 935 (Richmond)

Taxi Scab 50 (Berkeley)

T. Wrecks T2 (Richmond)

Vile E. Coyote 91 (Berkeley)

Vee 33 (Oakland)


Record (2-2)

  • April 2015: Sacred City Derby Girls 146 v Team Gold 146
  • Aug. 2015: Sacred City Derby Girls 179 v Team Gold 185
  • Aug. 2015: Rose City Rollers Axels of Annihilation 217 v Team Gold 153
  • Aug. 2015 Rat City Rollergirls Rain of Terror 154 v Team Gold 151