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Our Champion Officials

Our officials are so amazing that two of them were invited to officiate at the WFTDA International Champs this year in New Orleans! Congratulations to Danger Muffin and Bruise Almighty. Thank for your unflagging commitment to improving your officiating skills and for enabling us to safely play the sport we love! We couldn’t roll without you, and neither could the teams playing in Champs this weekend! #WFTDAChamps #GoTeamZebra #NSONovember

Additionally, our very own Kate Silver has journeyed to New Orleans to help PRODUCE for the amazing WFTDA.tv feed! Kate is an awesome announcer and all-around knowledge source for WFTDA and roby doby!  Thanks for representing us in NOLA, Kate! #KateIsGr8

2017 Golden Bowl: Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells

The Santa Cruz Derby Girls are sending the Boardwalk Bombshells, ranked 17 in the WFTDA, to the 2017 Golden Bowl Invitational. Noted by The Apex as one of Ten WFTDA Teams on the Rise for 2017 after hosting and sweeping their Boardwalk Empire tournament in early April, the Bombshells aim to extend their scoring averages against Terminal City All-Stars, Boston Massacre, and Tampa Tantrums in just a few weeks.  Watch on BADtv as they demonstrate the power of pre-season preparation to build a champion team Saturday June 17 and Sunday June 18 at Golden Bowl.

18 Jem Jones
116 TARAism
13 Chelsea Smile
1384 Hell Louise
221 Yeti or Not, Here I Come
24 Beans
3 Ace Wenchura
3000 Mystery Violence Theater
322 Kosher Assault
41 Queen Litigious
444 Unleashed
47 Patti Smithereens
5 Skirt Vonnegut
514 Victoria Mayhem
626 Madi Masochist
7 Adrian’s Revenge
8 Shamrock N. Roller

#derbylove #santacruzderbygirls

2017 Golden Bowl: Terminal City All-Stars

Skating out of beautiful southern British Columbia, the Terminal City Rollergirls All-Stars are Vancouver’s travel team, ranked 27 in the WFTDA. The Terminal City All-Stars are known for their generous but fierce devotion to friendship and derby. Hustle and heart exemplify the passion and ambition of Terminal City! Follow their Golden Bowl adventure on BADtv as they play four games June 16 – 18 against fierce opponents from the US East and West Coasts—the Tampa Tantrums, Boston Massacre, Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells, and Bay Area All Stars.

8 Violet Death
131 BruiseBerry Pie
16 Palmer
19 Ann O’War
1940 Green Lantern
1964 Annie Means Necessary
22 Mulan Bruise
250 Sushi Slammer
305 Smokie
314 Bazinga
322 Handley
42 Griffith
46 Hurt Russell
47 Scarlett Bloodbath
69 Flower Plow’her
76 Frank the Tank
88 Maiden Sane
9 Skatepark
934 Sirius Brat
99 La Zole

#vancouversports #spotthemoose

2017 Golden Bowl: Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre of Boston Roller Derby enter the 2017 Golden Bowl Invitational ranked 35 in the WFTDA. The Massacre’s style includes unique defensive formations and strategic play beguiling opponents and derby fans alike. Their traditional uniforms are navy blue with red accents and white with navy blue and red accents. Traveling across the country, the New England team will play four games June 16 – 18 against the BAD All Stars, Terminal City All-Stars, Tampa Tantrums, and Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells. All their Golden Bowl games will be broadcast on BADtv.

11 Kacie McLean
1111 Maya Mangleyou
121 Agent MauledHer
134 Five Penny
14 Emily “Kelli” Cooper
1930 Betty Swoop
1987 Shark Week
207 Crueliette Lewis
25 Rainbow Crash
42 Flyin’ King
43 Caitlin Monaghan
5 Sweet Enemy
60 Swirko
626 Janelle Ellison
66 Little Loca
749 Wednesday Atoms
78 Amy Rock
8 Aubrey Planitz
88 HardCore
99 Eszter Boros

#pinchpinchpinch #bostonderby

2017 Golden Bowl: Tampa Tantrums

The Tantrums of Tampa Roller Derby, currently ranked 20 in the WFTDA, boast a motto which reflects the team’s style of fast, smart and fearless roller derby. They pride themselves on one spirit, one team, and one win at a time!  Traveling from the Bay Area of Florida, the Tantrums will be sporting white as well as their unmistakable and flamingo pink uniforms, to compete in the 2017 Golden Bowl for a weekend of sanctioned game play. Tampa is going into the weekend 0-3 after having lost to Philly Roller Derby, Montreal Roller Derby, and Rat City Roller Girls at last month’s Tiny Tourney. Tune into BADtv June 16 – 18 to watch all four of their games at this year’s Golden Bowl.

6 Ana Cheng
101 Smooth Operator
138 Lauren Smith
16 Aimee Myers
2 PhDiesel
20 Laryn Kill
21 Flex A. Belle
357 Phelony PhatBottom
41 Amber Luu
417 AmTastic
424 Zom B
7 Taz Maniac
81 D.Ride
9 Wasylkiw
90 Littlefield


#TampaTantrums #trd2017

2017 Golden Bowl: Santa Cruz Derby Girls Harbor Hellcats

The Harbor Hellcats are Santa Cruz Derby Girls’ B team. They are made up of skaters from Santa Cruz’s three home teams: Organic Panic, Redwood Rebels, and the Steamer Janes. The Hellcats will be traveling up to Oakland from Santa Cruz to play the Tampa Bruise Crew at the 2017 Golden Bowl Invitational. This game will be live streamed on BADtv Saturday June 17 at 4 pm!

#derbylove #santacruzderbygirls

2017 Golden Bowl: Sacred City Sacrificers

The Sacred City Derby Girls Sacrificers from Sacramento, ranked 56 in the WFTDA as of April 30, 2017, will participate in a regulation game vs Tampa Bruise Crew at the 2017 Golden Bowl Invitational on Sunday June 18 at 3 pm. Catch the action live on BADtv!


2017 Golden Bowl: Tampa Bruise Crew

Tampa Roller Derby’s B level travel team, the Tampa Bruise Crew, is traveling from the Florida Bay Area to the California Bay Area to take the track for three regulation games. They will play Sacred City Sacrificers, Santa Cruz Derby Girls, and Misery Loves Company at the 2017 Golden Bowl Invitational. All of their games will be live streamed on BADtv!    


2017 Golden Bowl: Misery Loves Company Roller Derby

Misery Loves Company (MLC) is comprised of existing skaters from leagues all over the California Bay Area as well as high level retired skaters looking to play anyone at anytime. Misery Loves Company will take on the Tampa Bruise Crew in a regulation game at the 2017 Golden Bowl on Friday June 16 at 8 pm. Watch their game live on BADtv!

#mlcrollerderby #c

2017 Golden Bowl: Announcers

Coming from an array of backgrounds, these announcers all have unique styles and a lot of knowledge about roller derby. They like to talk about derby. Some of them even play(ed) derby. Without further ado, we’re excited to shed some spotlight on the mouths behind the mic for this year’s Golden Bowl.


(Tournament Head Announcer, Bay Area Derby)

Photo Credit: Unknown
Photo Credit: Unknown

Mox is an original member of BAD and is proud to have skated with the San Francisco ShEvil Dead, the Bay Area All-Stars, and Team Cruz. Though Mox is now derby-retired and has made the seemingly inevitable switch from whiskey to rosé, she still knows how to let the good times roll.


(Bay Area Derby)

Beast by Nocklebeast
Photo Credit: nocklebeast

Bay Area Derby Announcer, Emeritus Official, Full Access, Zero Accountability. He was born talking like this. He describes what everyone just saw with their own eyes and is thereby held in high esteem by his peers.


(Bay Area Derby)

Eva_Menace by Lucas Saugen
Photo Credit: Lucas Saugen

In her sixth season as a Richmond Wrecking Belle and third season as a jammer on the Bay Area All Stars, Eva is excited to now add announcing to her repertoire. The 2017 Golden Bowl will serve as her second time on the mic.


(Bay Area Derby)

Photo Credit: Unknown
Photo Credit: Unknown

Wrecks skates with BAD’s Richmond Wrecking Belles and Team Korea. She has a big mouth/loud voice. Most of the time this gets her into trouble, so she’s grateful for an outlet where those two assets are treasured.


(Bay Area Derby)

Photo Credit: Kimfectious
Photo Credit: Kimfectious

Kimfectious has skated with BAD, SVRG and RMRG. As a stand-up comedian, announcing is the marriage of both her favorite things: roller skates and talking into microphones.


(Bay Area Derby)

Photo Credit: Lucas Saugen
Photo Credit: Lucas Saugen

Hammer is a recently retired BAD skater who got tired of keeping up with the youngsters. While playing derby, Hammer donned black and gold for the All Stars and will always be an Oakland Outlaw at heart.


(North Star Roller Girls)

Photo Credit: Wijadi Jodi
Photo Credit: Wijadi Jodi

After four years as an NSO, Tober took up space behind a microphone and hasn’t stopped rambling since. A true narwhal, she resides in Minneapolis, MN as a member of the North Star Roller Girls’ board of governors. Though her spare time is limited, it is mostly filled with sitting in the sun, drinking gin, and reading anything with words on it.


(Sin City Rollergirls)

Photo Credit: Vegas Shooter
Photo Credit: VegasShooter

Chloroform Cupcake, aka Cakes, has been a traveling announcer for the past five years and considers herself a ‘rum-person’. Cakes has moved from Sin City Las Vegas territory to the Midwest Chicagoland MRDA and WFTDA region. After 7 years of roller derby experience, Cakes looks forward to being bi-coastally educated.


(Peninsula Roller Girls)

Photo Credit: Cecilia Rogue
Photo Credit: Cecilia Rogue

Maimy is both Head Announcer and Head NSO for Redwood City’s Peninsula Roller Girls, and you guys, she is so tired. She comes to derby with over 20 years of experience in MCing and improvisational comedy. She’s making a real effort to not swear over the mic this time.


(Sac City Rollers)

Photo Credit: Kerri Hughes
Photo Credit: Kerri Hughes

Nikki started playing derby in 2006 with the Sac City Rollers. After a knee injury in 2008, she stopped competing and became a coach and ref. Nikki started announcing in 2009 and has served as head announcer for the Dustbowl Tournament as well as Sac City’s Red Red Holiday. She loves talking derby!


(Sana Cruz Derby Girls)

Photo Credit: Purple Turtle Photography
Photo Credit: Purple Turtle Photography

Lawrence of a Labia is your friendly neighborhood lesbro. She first picked up the mic three years ago for a bunch of dirty hippies playing derby at Burning Man and has been calling the game for Santa Cruz and leagues around the Bay Area ever since. Give her a whiskey and she’ll tell you a dirty joke.