Joining the League

So you want to be BAD, huh? We don’t blame you. And we can’t wait to have you. There are a few ways to join BAD:

Transfer from a WFTDA league
You must have at least one year of experience playing with a WFTDA league to qualify for transfer. Contact for more information.

Try Out
Don’t qualify as a transfer but think you have what it takes? Our next tryouts are in April 2017. Sign up for our email newsletter to be informed about tryouts and events leading up to tryouts.

Join Reckless Rollers
If you don’t know how to play derby yet or aren’t ready to join the league just yet, check out our Reckless Rollers program. We will teach you the skating and derby skills you need to be BAD, and you’ll meet a lot of great people in the process.

Become a BAD Official
So, you love roller derby and you want to help out, but don’t think the hard-hitting action on the track is for you? Consider becoming a referee or an NSO (Non-skating Official). Email us at for more information.

Join as a Volunteer
Can’t skate? No problem! There are plenty of opportunities off the track. Look into becoming a BAD Hand.