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July Officiating Clinic

Do you like roller derby, but haven’t been sure how to get involved? Or are you already involved in roller derby at a beginner level and want to take your knowledge of the game to the next level? Join us for this Beginner Clinic to learn the foundations of roller derby officiating. Not sure what an official is or does? This is a perfect event to learn.

The clinic will take place from 10am-4pm, Sunday July 28th at BAD HQ with a one hour independent lunch break. An optional scrimmage to get more hands on experience will be available after the clinic.

This clinic will cover:

  • The Rules: a quick jumpstart overview
  • Officiating Roles: whatchy’all doing out there?
  • Officiating Paperwork: for those who love it and those who don’t
  • The Derbyverse: league membership and beyond

And More™!

BAD Officiating Clinic

Feb 23 & 24
1pm – 6pm
$50 one day / $90 both


Bay Area Derby Officials are pleased to announce BAD to Good to Great II, a *WFTDA Clinic-In-A-Box* targeted at “intermediate” officials who are looking to get a head start on their 2019 season and plans!

We are pleased to host Nine Inch Wheels and Don Scoreleone as our WFTDA Officating Instructors who will be leading the clinic, to provide a fresh perspective for those who attended our prior clinic as well. Additional seminars will be given by TaraByte, the chair of WFTDA’s Tournament Officials Selection Panel (TOSP) and Danger Muffin, a member of Officials Certification Oversight.

Based on feedback from our prior clinic, BAD to Good to Great II will take place from 1pm-6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Officials may attend one day for $50 or both days for $90.

This clinic will cover:

Saturday, 1-6pm:
• The new Ruleset: Changes, and philosophy of officiating
• The new Certification system: “Nuts and bolts” plus advanced topics
• The 2019 TOSP cycle: The process and goals of TOSP
• Magic Land: What to do when the rules don’t cover something
• Managing difficult people: Coaches, athletes, league leadership, even other officials
• Drive your own improvement: Especially for officials who have “outgrown” their league

Sunday, 1-6pm:
• Avoiding burnout: Things to keep in mind as you begin your 2019 season
• Staffing and Recruitment: For games and for leagues
• Providing constructive feedback: To your crew, to your peers, to your crew heads
• Mentoring others: Different perspectives on different motivations for officiating
• Footage: How to review it efficiently, and what to learn from it

And More™!

To sign up, go here: (it will let you buy one day, or both days.)

A more complete schedule for the two days will be released in the next few weeks, as will links to purchase tickets.

RSVP “Interested” or “Going” to get notifications from this event!

Our Champion Officials

Our officials are so amazing that two of them were invited to officiate at the WFTDA International Champs this year in New Orleans! Congratulations to Danger Muffin and Bruise Almighty. Thank for your unflagging commitment to improving your officiating skills and for enabling us to safely play the sport we love! We couldn’t roll without you, and neither could the teams playing in Champs this weekend! #WFTDAChamps #GoTeamZebra #NSONovember

Additionally, our very own Kate Silver has journeyed to New Orleans to help PRODUCE for the amazing feed! Kate is an awesome announcer and all-around knowledge source for WFTDA and roby doby!  Thanks for representing us in NOLA, Kate! #KateIsGr8

BAD to Good to Great: A WFTDA Clinic

Join WFTDA Officiating Instructors Nora Leif (of Windy City Rollers) and Marriedjuana (of Sacramento Roller Derby) for a two-day officiating clinic held in Oakland, CA at Bay Area Derby’s practice space. Nora Leif is a Level 4 NSO and represents all of officiating to the WFTDA Rules Committee. Marriedjuana is a Level 2 SO, a language lead for the WFTDA, translating WFTDA documents into Spanish, WFTDA Clinic Instructor (5 years), and Former Head Referee of Sacramento Roller Derby.

Unlike many WFTDA clinics, this clinic is geared at mid-career officials, with plenty of experience, who are looking to make the “next step” from Good to Great. We expect all officials (including newer, early-career officials and perhaps even some advanced officials) to benefit. Specific skill sets include:

• Focus: Are you focusing too narrowly or too broadly? What needs your attention RIGHT NOW?
• Distractions: How to keep your mind from straying?
• Complex rules scenarios: How to handle them effectively at a moment’s notice, including star passes, jammer swaps, and more.
• Communication: How to talk to other officials, skaters, and coaches.
• Presence on the track: What do “Calm” and “Professional” really look like?
• Self-Assessment: Tracking and managing your own growth when you’re the most advanced official around
• Helping others grow: Are you the local mentor, and not sure how you got there? Tips for coaching other officials, including how to give and receive feedback
• Pursuing Certification: What the whole path looks like, and do you even want to?
• Footage Review: How to watch a game and find the things that matter

This clinic runs from 10am-2pm on Saturday, July 21, and then picks up again from 10am-5pm on Sunday, July 22. Snacks are provided, plus a lunch is provided on Sunday. Bay Area Derby has a public game on July 21; officials may sign up to work the event here: (form), or tickets may be purchased separately. Footage from this game may be reviewed on Sunday as part of the clinic. The cost to attend some or all of the clinic is $75. Register today!

Be BAD. Then get good. Now get better.

Throbbing Whistle

BVOTM – Throbbing Whistle

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest BAD Volunteer of the Month is one of our officials, referee Throbbing Whistle! Whistle was nominated for his tireless effort in his second year as Bay Area Derby Girls' Interleague Officiating Coordinator. It's his job to work with the officiating heads from other leagues whenever Bay Area teams are playing them, whether at home or on the road. He is also the point of contact when nearby leagues just need a few extra bodies for their games. In short, as someone said when he was nominated, “He is the reason we can have interleague scrimmages, and the reason we have our officials at other scrimmages. He is on top of his [stuff].”

Whistle brings from the UK a curious love of hockey (it's not really a thing over there) and professional wrestling, has had more MRIs on his head than anyone I know (he claims for professional, not personal reasons), and according to a teammate, when he's drunk you can convince him to talk in an American accent.

Ladies and gentlemen, Throbbing Whistle!

What’s your gubmint name (the one on your birth certificate)?

Alex Beckett


How’d you get your derby name?

Throbbing Whistle, which is a play off of one of my favorite bands (Throbbing Gristle). I just made a big list of potential names when I started, and that was the least worst. Unfortunately not a lot of people get the reference, so I think it just sounds vaguely dirty.

What do you do when you’re not supporting the Bay Area Derby Girls? 

In my day job I’m a neuroscience researcher at UC Berkeley, working with MRI machines. When I’m not doing that, I mainly spend my time watching hockey, baseball and pro-wrestling.

How did you become involved with our league? How long have you been with us?

I moved here for work from the UK and transferred to BAD. This will be my 3rd season with the league.

Do you have a favorite derby moment or one thing you are most proud of?

I just got my level 2 WFTDA referee certification, which was a pretty big milestone for me. Getting to officiate at the Golden Bowl at the Craneway last year was also pretty special.

If you had one super power what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil?

Right now I would definitely go for the powers of Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, and be able to create multiple copies of myself so i can make a dent in this ever growing to-do list, which I guess would be using it for a very narrow, selfish good.

Where would you love to live, if not in the Bay Area?

There’s a ton of places in the US I’d like to live in at some point, current top of the list is probably Chicago (though maybe not in the winter…).

Who’s your derby crush?

Every single BAD Official has a special place in my heart. [author’s note: d’awwwwww…….]

What’s your personal goal for 2015 (derby or otherwise)?

Keep improving as an official, officiate some cool tournaments, see more of the great state of California.