2019 San Francisco Shevil Dead Team Photos by Lucas Saugen, Will Toft, and Snidely Mirrorslap.
Shevil Dead

#7 Atomic Bombshell
#1138 Brick Houser
#735 Danger Dre
#480 Demoraliza
#5 Disco Brawl
#907 Hope
#12 Jacquernaut
#706 Kitty Killa
#357 Lethal Lipstick
#432 Metal Monk
#1979 Neuralize HER
#40 Risky Ginger
#32 Sting Rey
#86 Stomping Hound
#20 Sparkle Motion
#510 Tequila Schatz
#128 The Boonvillan
#978 The Freak
#37 Veni Vidi Vicious
#615 Wicked Bruisah

Team Story

Back in the days of disco and flashy polyester, a rising roller derby team was making their way across the Bay Bridge to play their long-time rivals, the Oakland Outlaws, and secure their reputation as the baddest roller derby team in the Bay Area. Suddenly, in the midst of their lively pre-bout cheers, a dark-tinted sedan cut in front of the team’s bus. The crash sent them flying off the bridge and directly into the icy waves below. A moonlit curtain of blood dripped from the bridge as the bay swallowed them. Not a single skater survived.

The up-and-comers were gone—but not forever. The pull of roller derby and stench of unfinished business called out to them in their graves. They couldn’t be trapped underground for long. The Mission Dolores Cemetery thrummed with scraping, grating, rasping noises…until one night, a putrid hand shot out from the earth. In its clutches was a shredded green jammer cap. The jam was on.

With the help of some rusted shovels and a frightened grave robber, the whole rotting team emerged. They made their way to a crowded track where the Outlaws were warming up. Vengeful for victory and hungry for brains, the San Francisco ShEvil Dead had arrived. Resistors and outlaws of the living world, beware. Now that the undead have awakened, they’ll never stop coming for you!


San Francisco ShEvil Dead Alumni