Since Bay Area Derby was founded in 2004, the All-Stars travel team has been ranked among the top teams in the world, competing in various interleague tournaments, including all Western Region Playoffs, Division One Playoffs, and five WFTDA Championships. The BAD All-Stars represent California’s top derby talent and their skaters and coaches are ready to share their skills to train your league.



All-Stars led boot camps are individually designed to meet the needs of participating skaters. Sessions are tailored to focus on:

  • progressing skills
  • increasing essential derby knowledge
  • supplying new drills for your league
  • providing individualized, real time coaching to help improve game play


At BAD we emphasize cultivating the whole athlete – physically, mentally, and strategically. Our All-Stars will provide your skaters with additional off-skates training:

  • footage review and breakdowns
  • strategy discussion and white board sessions
  • off-skates fitness routines
  • mental athletic training



Throughout the season, we may offer additional boot camp opportunities at our home practice space in Oakland, California.


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If you are a new skater interested in learning more about the sport of derby check out our Reckless Rollers program.