2019 BAD of the Months

January 2019

Throughout her tenure at BAD, Sinna has done an incredible amount of work for the league. Even after her retirement, Sinna is volunteering her time as our WFTDA Committee Manager. Sinna is always available to answer questions about leage administration, and it seems like there’s nothing she doesn’t know about the ins and outs of Bay Area Derby. Thank you Sinna for all you do!


February 2019

Legs leads many of our All League practices and puts a lot of effort into posting practice plans in advance and giving participants homework to get their mental game ready. BAD skaters love Legs’s positivity and enthusiasm. During this rainy season, Legs has also been a true rain abatement hero. Thank you Legs for all you do!

Snakes Anna Plane
MARCH 2019

Snakes has done amazing work for the Creative side of Marketing and is always pleasant to work with. Even when asked for assets last minute, she always gets them done quickly, AND they look like FIRE. Snakes has also been super helpful during our Reckless Camps and Tryouts, and she’s a knowledgeable and thoughtful trainer. Thank you Snakes for all you do!

Butt'N MashHer
APRIL 2019

Butt’N MashHer is doing a fantastic job coaching the San Francisco ShEvil Dead as well as coaching all league practices, all while also coordinating Bay Area Derby’s busy Marketing and PR Committee. Despite being injured and unable to skate at the moment, she continues to bring positive energy, enthusiasm, and well thought out plans for every practice. Thank you Butt’N for all you do!


MAY 2019

Psi came to Bay Area Derby at the start of this season and has taken on the big job of being our WFTDA Committee Manager. She patiently wades through the WFTDA forums where she picks out the most pertinent pieces of information and conveniently serves them to all our league members. We are proud to have Psi represent BAD in the greater derby community. Thank you Psi for all you do!