2020 BAD of the Months

Smother Mary
January 2020

SM is here for the league in every way. Lately she has put a lot of work into finishing the building of the BAD skate park, creating space for more skaters to shred on the BAD premises. SM is a brilliant coach for all levels and truly brings out the best in others. Thank you SM for all you do!

Hieronymus Bash
February 2020

Hieronymus Bash is someone who will step up to fill any spot where the league needs her. This season she has gone above and beyond to help our Events Committee make our bouts successful. She will also quickly put together some beautiful copy for our Marketing Committee, or drive a big truck full of bleachers over the Bay Bridge, if you just ask her. Bash also has the trust of her leaguemates as a Mediation rep and is always there if you need someone to talk to. Thank you Bash for all you do!