London Derriere

London Derriere has been with BAD for a little over a year and has quickly become an integral part of our referee family. London joined BAD with a lot of experience under her belt; she has refereed roller derby bouts and tournaments all over the world and is dedicated to furthering her knowledge of the game. One of the things we appreciate most about London is her ability to openly communicate with skaters and refs. She seems to be constantly smiling while still staying focused on the game or scrimmage at hand.

Thank you London! Your dedication to your ref crew and Bay Area derby is awesome!!

What do you do as a volunteer with BAD?
I am most often a skating official but hope to incorporate more NSOing as well.

Do you have a derby name?
London Derriere.

What do you do for non-derby work?
I am an adjunct professor of English at Brandman University in Walnut Creek, teaching writing, rhetoric, and literature. I also just joined Lanesplitter Pizza as a server, so feel free to come hang out on Friday nights.

How did you become involved with our league? How long have you been with us?
Prior to June 2013, I was an official with Roller Girls of the Apocalypse (RGA) in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and spent three years traveling Europe to officiate bouts and scrimmages. I moved to California and transferred to BAD last year.

Do you have a favorite part of being involved with BAD or derby in general?
I enjoy the challenge of officiating some of the best skaters in derby every week. The past year has been an amazing year of growth for me, and I love that every week I learn more about the game and how my role as a skating official facilitates the skaters’ ability to play the game. I am incredibly honored to represent BAD both on and off the track and take that role very seriously. The BAD officials, skaters, and volunteers have made me better, and I look forward to the continued growth of the sport and this league and my place in both.

Do you have a favorite derby moment or one thing you are most proud of?
Just prior to relocating to California, I was selected as a jam referee for the first sanctioned tournament in Europe:  2013: A Skate Odyssey. Honestly, I didn’t think I would get selected and I was already looking to book flights to return to the states. I actually cried when I saw the email, and then I promptly succumbed to nausea when I realized that my first major tournament and final game in Europe would be sanctioned and streamed online. That weekend, with the support of some amazing officials and mentors, not only helped me overcome my self-doubt about my abilities, but also recognize that our greatest moments of growth come from facing our greatest fears and challenges.

Betty Clock Her

As a non-profit, the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls rely heavily on sponsorship to create the awesome experience that is a B.A.D. roller derby game. Betty Clock Her is our current Sponsorship Manager which means she is responsible for spearheading our current sponsorship projects and managing the sponsorship team. She is also part of our amazing NSO (Non-Skating Official) crew which diligently tracks the points and penalties for our skaters at bouts and scrimmages. In only her second season with B.A.D., Betty has become such an important part of our league and we thank her so much.

What do you do as a volunteer with B.A.D.?
I’m a part of our officiating crew and the Sponsorship Manager for the league.

Do you have a derby name?
Betty Clock Her.

What do you do for non-derby work?
I work in marketing in the video games industry. I’m kinda a nerd, like, a really big gaming nerd.

How did you become involved with our league? How long have you been with us?
I was a bit of stalker on the Reckless Rollers Google Group for about a year. Then I learned to skate in thePre-Rec class in 2013. I became an official because I’m apparently really good at fracturing my bones and I really wanted to get a better understanding of the game (and, you know, more broken bones).

Do you have a favorite part of being involved with BAD or derby in general?
Everyone involved in B.A.D. is extremely supportive, confident, and friendly. It’s awesome that someone like me who hadn’t been skating since they were 8 could suddenly be taken in to such a great group of gals (and guys!)–that’s what I love about it most.

Do you have a favorite derby moment or one thing you are most proud of?
I would say I’m most proud of taking our league and the Sponsorship Committee to larger sponsors (to be named later!) as well as helping launch our IndieGoGo campaign to find a new home (which, P.S., if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should).

If you had one super power what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil?
I’d love the ability to stop time. I’m not really a good or evil kinda person, but let’s go with chaotic neutral.

Marc Slater

If you’re a fan of the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls, then you know that our practice space is in dire straits. Despite a leaky roof, a floor that never skates quite right and an abundance of other problems, B.A.D. has managed to maintain its rankings as second in the world and our home teams are the most competitive around. Working hard isn’t just a B.A.D. trait; Our team of volunteers are workhorses too. They have been instrumental in getting B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls to where we are now. Marc Slater is our 2014 Marketing Consultant and has helped to spearhead our Indiegogo campaign. We are entirely grateful to you Marc, for all of your hard work and continued dedication to our league!!

You can check out this amazing project here. If you love B.A.D. as much as we do, consider making a donation to our league!

Here’s what Marc had to say about being a part of our awesome league!

For the 2013 season, I was the Executive Producer for For the 2014 season, I am a Marketing Consultant for B.A.D.

Do you have a derby name?
Yes: Mac Devil

What do you do for non-derby work?
I am the Creative Director at Otter Bounce Marketing ( helping our clients inform, inspire and connect with their customers by offering innovative and high quality online marketing media.

How did you become involved with our league? How long have you been with us?
My wife Amber Dexterous A.K.A. “Dex” is an Oakland Outlaw. I began volunteering last January. Having a background in film and media, made volunteering as the Executive Producer for BADTv a natural fit for the 2013 season. For the 2014 season, I am currently volunteering as a Marketing Consultant for B.A.D. I recently volunteered my services for your Indiegogo campaign video, and I am currently helping B.A.D. with new promotional media projects.

Do you have a favorite part of being involved with BAD or derby in general?
For me, it is working with such an amazing and talented group of athletes. Roller derby is my favorite sport, and I feel that everyone should have the opportunity to witness the amazingness that is the Bay Area Derby Girls.

Do you have a favorite derby moment or one thing you are most proud of?
My favorite derby moment was shooting and editing the 2013 B.A.D. Championships. It was a fantastic game to watch, and as the Producing Editor for the event, I was able to watch the footage hundreds of times- from every angle. It really allowed me appreciate the talent, skill and determination of the Bay Area Derby Girls. I am proud to volunteer for such a world-class league!

If you had one super power what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil?
My desired superpower: to travel in time. Would I use it for good, or evil? I’ll let you decide…

Nurse Gory and Dread Alert

These two (now three!) are always there at our bouts to put us back together again when we fall on the track, and we are so thankful to have them in our derby family!  We thank Nurse Gory and Dread Alert for being there for us and congratulate them on their baby!

What are your names outside of derby?
Melissa Gory and Julian Romero

What do you do for non-derby work?
We’re both psychiatric nurses and both teach in the field.

How did you become involved with our league? How long have you been with us?
We started working as NSO’s and medics years ago with Resurrection Roller Girls in Rohnert Park and heard that BAD needed medics last year for the Bay of Reckoning, so we sent off an email to volunteer – we were so excited to help out! We’ve been working (and getting the best seats in the house) all the bouts that we can since then!

Do you have a favorite part of being involved with BAD or derby in general?
As spectators, we are in absolute awe of the athleticism of the skaters. As nurses, it’s wonderful to be available to help, but such a welcome relief how infrequently we’re truly needed at the bouts and scrimmages! As parents (we recently had a little girl), we feel so honored to be a part of something that will empower our daughter to grow up strong, happy, and loved (this kid’s derby family is HUGE) and to create her own path.

Do you have a favorite derby moment or one thing you are most proud of?
It may sound silly, but we’re both just so happy to be part of this amazing league – that’s what we’re proud of. The feeling of family, of community, is intense and we’ve felt so welcomed… When we were hospitalized with complications regarding our daughter’s birth, the outpouring of love and care we received from this league completely floored us – we are still glowing from it.
Outside of derby, of course, we’re most proud of our little derby girl! We can’t wait to get her on her first pair of skates! Cute kid, awesome family, athletic feats, strong and empowering people, having fun… how could that get better? Oh, Donna’s Tamales – duh!

How did you come up with your derby name?
Melissa’s (Nurse Gory) was a bit of a no-brainer… she’s a nurse, and her last name is Gory (she even considered specializing in wound care at one point!). Julian has had a couple of derby names, but Dread Alert has stuck. Naturally, their daughter has been called both “Minor Dread,” (we’re waiting to see if her hair comes back in in dreads), and “A Little Gory.”

If you had a superpower what would it be and would you use it for good or evil?
Dread says he’d like the power to fly, but only three feet off the ground – he just thinks that’d be really funny. Gory fantasizes about the powers of functioning well on no sleep, and the power of peripheral vision. As for using the superpowers for good or evil, well that’s a matter of perspective… What, you wanted a SERIOUS answer?


Mindiannapolis500 has been an integral part of the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls almost since its inception. She was a skater from 2004-2007 and has coached ever since. Since her retirement as a skater, Mindi has also served in several leader ship roles and is constantly going above and beyond to help make BAD better. One of her more recent projects was the creation of our Reckless Rollers program. Now skaters who have never skated, or haven’t skated sine their rink rat days, can learn basic – intermediate skills and ready themselves for BAD tryouts. The break down of skills and techniques makes roller derby easy to understand and her practices are always so much fun. We are so lucky to have you Mindi!!

What is your name outside of derby?
Mindi Ann

What do you do for non-derby work?
I count different things then staple things to other things after I add up what I counted. Some times I just sort things and put rubber bands around them.

How did you become involved with our league? How long have you been with us?
I started as a skater with BAD in December of 2004. I saw a copied hand written note that skaters were needed for derby at my local bar. I showed up at my first practice, back when it was a 10PM start time at the Bladium, where we used to practice. If you had skates and could roll, you were in! I have been retired from skating since 2007 and have been coaching full time since.

Do you have a favorite part of being involved with BAD or derby in general?
I love to watch the progress of our skaters, not only as athletes, but as people in general. A lot of our skaters start derby when things in their personal life are amok. The confidence and strength that builds from inside and out is amazing to watch. Derby really does save some souls. The game has evolved into such a beautiful sport to watch and i’m proud to be a member of a league that is so cohesive, cooperative, smart and directed.

Do you have a favorite derby moment or one thing you are most proud of?
I have run a lot of beginner boot camps over the years and I love to watch skaters go from barely being able to stop, to being a Travel Team All-Star. I feel good knowing that I got a chance to be a part of their beginnings. Every new “Bambi” that comes to one of my classes could be our next All Star. I always try to remember that! Not everyone starts off amazing and the work and perseverance of some of our skaters is awesome.

How did you come up with your derby name?
I used to use the ID “Indiann” when I first started playing with online social networking. One of my online buddies, suggested mindiannapolis500 and it just seemed perfect. When I was skating, I sometimes used Panic Attack, but that was more or less due to my unfortunate anxiety over traveling! No, I don’t like NASCAR.

If you had a superpower what would it be and would you use it for good or evil?
I think superpowers are overrated. I’d rather be super smart, or super funny. I’d find that more useful than leaping tall buildings.

Danny Martines

It is only her first year volunteering, but Danny Martines has quickly learned the ins and outs of what it means to be a B.A.D. Volunteer. Sometimes it takes a while for volunteers to learn the ropes, but for Martine roller derby was love at first sight. We are so grateful that she has jumped in with both feet and gives her all to NSOing, helping load and unload our truck and is amazing in times of need. Thank you Danny for loving derby as much as we do!

What is your name outside of derby?
Danny Martines

What do you do for non-derby work?
I am an Elevator Mechanic. I work for ThyssenKrupp Elevator.

How did you become involved with our league?
I was introduced to the wonderful world of Roller Derby by a friend, and fell in love with the sport immediately.

How long have you been with us?
This is my first season with B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls

What do you do when you volunteer with us?
I do whatever is needed, ie. load/unload the truck in preparation for bouts, being a part of our awesome Track Stars, and NSOing with the best crew around!!

Do you have a favorite part of being involved with BAD or derby in general?
I like it all… Volunteering, NSO’ing, the camaraderie, and learning how to skate.

Do you have a favorite derby moment or one thing you are most proud of?
Being able to help this awesome league makes me very proud. My favorite moment was Penalty Box Timing for the June 15th double header. It was my first bout officiating.

How did you come up with your derby name?
I am currently using my last name but I am open for suggestions.

If you had a superpower what would it be and would you use it for good or evil?
Batman, because even though he has no superpowers, he can do incredible things.

The Bomb Squad

So the last time we sat down to talk about our amazing volunteers and those who support the B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls, we asked each other whom we should honor next as Volunteer of the Month, and there arose a great cry from the assembled body. “OMIGOD ABOMB'S PARENTS!” they all shouted. For yea did we all agree that, man alive, these are some PASSIONATE fans, and support our league and skaters like few others.

Whether it's buying every raffle ticket in the place to win the coveted Gold Chair for an entire doubleheader, or stealing the show at the half-time dance-off at WFTDA Playoffs in Sacramento, Momma and Poppa Bomb just bring joy to everyone who sees them in the crowd. When Momma Bomb starts dancing, you KNOW the party's been brought.

Ladies and gentlemen, your B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls Volunteers of the Month, Tom and Patricia Shelby, The Bomb Squad!!

How did you become involved with the league?

Tom and I first saw Bay Area Derby Girls skate at the Sacramento regional championships some years ago, I think in 2010. [We] both fell in love with the sport and saw the potential it could grow into and become more athletic and even more competitive. I (Pat) had grown up watching the Bay Bombers with players like Joni Weston, I never thought my kid would like to get hit and hit people especially this particular one, she was a big softy. We started our involvement when [ABomb] moved from Oahu back to the mainland and requested to join BAD in 2012. We became regular attendees at open practices and all home games. Eventually we figured out that we should just buy season tickets and all of the other special events like Golden Bowl. 

Do you have derby names? 

Yes we do, a few in fact…
a.) We made our own tee shirts that say “BAD PARENT”  I was once asked by a stranger if the court Judge had made me wear that in public. 
b.) Since our daughter is commonly called a shortened version of her derby name “Abomb” we started being called Momma Bomb and Poppa Bomb by some of her teammates on the Richmond Wrecking Bells. It took and we love it. I have a black, white and gold outfit with Momma Bomb and BAD Parent on it and I proudly represent Bay Area Derby when I go to tournaments or to Travel team events.
c.) We are also known as The Bomb Squad — we bring noise, laughter, a bit of groove and some dance moves to the games. We are open to all who love the game and love to cheer for Bay Area Derby Girls.

When not bringing the Noize and Funk what do you do?

Tom is an awesome computer-nerd type working as a software architect analyst and Pat works in human services teaching employment services skills. We have five wonderful daughters, seven fantastic grandchildren and have been happily married for nearly 36

Do you have a favorite Derby moment or one thing you are most proud of?

When our girl “Abominatrix” rolled out onto that floor for the first time at Craneway Pavilion as a member of the Wrecking Belles it gave us goose bumps.

What is your favorite part of being involved with Bay Area Derby or derby in general?

Pat: My favorite part is feeling like I am a league Mom. Not a mom just to my own kid but to all of my girls, as I call them. I like giving out the hugs and encouragement.

Tom: Being father of all girls has made this derby adventure for even more enjoyable because this is a sport that showcases the strength, athletic abilities and determination of women so beautifully. I have met other fathers and we share a bond of believing in and support strong women, that is so very cool. As a man I want to see it grow to give even more girls and women an opportunity for sport in the future.

We both have enjoyed the camaraderie and friendships we have developed within the derby community in the league and among our competitors. We are excited to see where Bay Area Derby will be 10 years from now.

My Derby Crush? 

Pat: Poppa Bomb (My rhythm and heartbeat)     

Tom: Momma Bomb (She gives me courage)

Our Derby Crush?

Abominatrix #140 of the RICHMOND WRECKING BELLES

Red Card

In the Merry Month of May, our B.A.D. Volunteer of the Month is another one of our officials, Red Card! Red is one of our newer NSOs, and has already demonstrated an
ability to quickly pick up a new skill, and is becoming one of our more reliable officials. A fellow official says of her, “She is super eager to learn about how the game works from every angle. Always willing to hop in and help with anything that the league needs.”

And what does the league need? Well, sometimes we need someone handy with metalworking tools. And as someone pointed out, Red “makes things with metal and fire, and that's pretty [darn] cool.” And that skill is what earned her this nomination, for her work leveling the floor in our practice space, spending hours grinding down various bits of metal that made our floor lumpy and adventuresome. Red has also worked with our Facilities manager on other livability projects, including pigeon mitigation. 'cause nothing makes skating more unpleasant that pigeons and…well, just, pigeons.  

For being willing, skilled, handy, and for seemingly always wanting “to learn a smarter, better, more efficient way to do a job if she see's that one of us has one,” we honor Red Card as this month's B.A.D. Volunteer of the Month!

What’s your gubmint name (the one on your birth certificate)?

Brittnee Jones

Do you have a derby name? How’d you get it?

Yes, Red Card.  I was always Red growing up in soccer camps as it was easy for

everyone to remember (given the red hair), so I was definitely using that.  And my

partner suggested “Red Card” as a tribute to soccer.   It immediately stuck.  Plus it’s fun

to be Red Card as an NSO.  

What do you do when you’re not supporting the Bay Area Derby Girls?  

Sciencey things for my day job. And I work on big crazy flaming metal art stuff in any

other free time. (Yes, for burning man but for other things too). I’ll throw a plug in for the

Flaming Lotus Girls!  I love ’em!

How did you become involved with our league? How long have you been with us? 

My partner got me to go to some bouts last season. I immediately realized these are my

people: highly motivated warehouse athletic types. I was enamored.  

Do you have a favorite derby moment or one thing you are most proud of? 

Um, not really. I’m a super newby, so I’m still earning my stripes. 🙂

If you had one super power what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil? 

Right now, I’d wanna be able to control the weather. Team California needs rain. 

Where would you love to live, if not in the Bay Area?

I’ve done my fair share of traveling for work, and it made me realize this is really home.  I

have no idea what’s next but there really isn’t a place I would love to live right now

except here.  When there is, I’ll move there.  

Who’s your derby crush?

Prolly (former ShEvil #52) Kid Ace.  She’s an amazing trainer and super great human all

around. And she somehow magically has that wind blown hair look after killing it in a


What’s your personal goal for 2015 (derby or otherwise)?

Hopefully my knee will heal and I can make the league.  That’s the dream.

Sexy Beast

This BAD Volunteer of the Month may be given recognition from the league back in May 2015, but he continues to give many hours of his time and energy to BAD each month.

“SEXXXXXXXY BEAAAAAAAST” can be heard echoing across the track when the lovable, 6’4” Sexy Beast enters the room. From announcing, to reffing to producing some of the best boutfits this side of the Rockies, he’s an overall awesome person. Beast also helps keep our practice space up and running, from implementing a zero waste program to the ever glamorous light bulb changing. He’s got a heart of Gold and has been a great help with our Skater Tots program –  teaching local kids the love of skating.

Photo credit: Michael Dunn Photography

Name: Sexy Beast

If you have a derby name what is it & what’s the story behind it?

Sexy Beast. It’s from my favorite movie of the same title, a classic English crime film starring Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley. As something of an unorthodox participant in derby way back when I started (2007) I wanted the name to amuse, entertain as well as to challenge conventional taboos about what was ‘sexy’.

How long have you been with B.A.D.? What brought you to B.A.D.?

I was connected with the then Head Ref for B.A.D. by a mutual acquaintance. My first bout was 2007 B.A.D. Champs (Richmond vs.ShEvil at the San Jose Civic). I was a scorekeeper for Dirty D!  I knew immediately that this was something I had to be involved with.

It has been an amazing 8 seasons with no need nor intention of stopping!

What do you love about roller derby?

The Community: skaters, officials, volunteers and fans united in their love and appreciation of the sport and those who participate in it. The global reach of our community is evident daily and growing stronger every season.

Share your favorite derby memory/moment from 2015.

Easily my favorite derby moment of 2015 was getting to announce the Championship Game between Berkeley and Oakland. It was a compelling rematch between the gritty Oakland Outlaws and the upstart Berkeley Resistance, a “no holds barred, adrenaline fueled thrill ride” of a contest culminating in a heart-stopping finish. It was super exciting to see our league put on an event of that caliber and it was a treat to see the Berkeley Resistance achieve their first B.A.D. Championship.

Share one of your favorite motivational quotes with us.

My Father’s favorite analysis of a job well done was always:

“Sufficient unto the Day is the Evil Thereof.”

And my other most favorite quote, reflective of most of the fun I had as a younger man is from Earl Warren who said:

“Everything I did in my life that was worthwhile, I caught hell for.”

Adina Butler

For July, we had two volunteers of the month voted in by our league members! First up . . .

You may have noticed many of our pictures credited to IGP Photo. Stunning images, taken by none other than Adina Butler, have graced the BAD website, posters, programs, and social media numerous times. She has an eye to capture priceless derby moments on and off the track and has been supporting BAD as a photographer, fan, and friend for years.

Photo credit: Unknown (from Adina’s phone)

Name: Adina Butler

How long have you been with B.A.D.? What brought you to B.A.D.?

I just wrapped up my 6th season with B.A.D. at the WFTDA Championship Tournament in St. Paul, MN.

Many years ago, a friend on a photography forum showed off some pics he’d taken at a Windy City bout. I thought they were so cool! About a year after that, I saw a flyer for a BAD bout at the Craneway Pavilion. I decided to go check it out; with my camera in hand, course. I think I got like 3-4 usable shots but I was so stoked I shared them with the league. A month later and i’m on the road to Paso Robles for the 2010 Big One tournament and Jane Hammer asks me if I want to shoot the rest of the season. And now, here we are.

When you’re not supporting our league – what else do you enjoy doing?

I’m a trained chef, so when I’m not focusing my energy on photography i’m whipping up something crazy/dangerous in the kitchen.  In addition to being a chef, I’m an amateur track cyclist at the Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose. Track cycling is a bit like roller derby; I go fast, turn left and have to deal with blockers and large packs.

What do you love about roller derby?

What’s not to love about roller derby? I love how inclusive and progressive roller derby is. Whatever your skill set, there’s a way you can contribute and be involved.

Share your favorite derby memory/moment from 2015.

Ugh, so many memories and moments! Watching the growth of the new additions to the All-Stars roster was definitely one of my favorite things this year. Especially seeing Frightmare, Fluezy and Skrappie absolutely kill it at Champs.

Share one of your favorite motivational quotes with us.

It doesn’t matter if you get it wrong, as long as you care enough to get it right.